Vincent Martella Makes Waves with Brazilian Fans

Vincent Martella Makes Waves with Brazilian Fans

Vincent Martella, known for his role as Greg in the iconic series “Everybody Hates Chris,” has stirred up a storm among Brazilian fans, nearing 200,000 likes on an Instagram photo. What’s the buzz about? Well, it’s all about his cheeky t-shirt.

The Instagram Sensation

In a recent post, Martella sported a simple t-shirt with a Portuguese inscription: “Eu sou famoso no Brasil” (“I’m famous in Brazil”). This playful statement instantly captured the attention of Brazilian fans, flooding the comments section with enthusiastic responses.

Brazilian Fandom

Brazilian fans couldn’t contain their excitement, showering Martella’s post with over 33,000 comments. One fan humorously remarked, “No one hates Greg in Brazil,” while another playfully noted, “Brazil is all about you now,” referencing the famous line from the show.

A Playful Response

Martella’s post also sparked comparisons with Tyler James Williams, who portrayed the titular character in “Everybody Hates Chris.” Some fans couldn’t resist teasing Williams for not embracing the Brazilian fandom as Martella did. However, it’s all in good fun, with fans expressing their affection for both actors and the show.

Embracing the Brazilian Love

Martella’s playful interactions with Brazilian fans aren’t new. In 2022, a shirtless photo of him sent Brazilian internet into a frenzy, prompting Martella to jokingly tweet, “Hi, Brazil, look how hot I am.” It’s clear that Martella appreciates the adoration from his Brazilian fanbase and isn’t afraid to join in on the fun.


Vincent Martella’s endearing connection with Brazilian fans showcases the global impact of “Everybody Hates Chris” and the enduring love for the beloved series. With his playful demeanor and willingness to engage with fans, Martella continues to win hearts around the world, one Instagram post at a time.

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