How To Upgrade Heroes In Fortnite: Save The World?

How To Upgrade Heroes In Fortnite: Save The World?

Managing your Heroes

Your heroes can be found in the “COMMAND” tab, in the, “Heroes” section. In the “Manage” heroes section you can view and manage all of your heroes. You can view their hero card with stats, abilities, perks and squad bonuses of the heroes.

You can level them up. You can increase their rarity. You can even retire heroes to regain some of the experience invested in them back if you don’t like them anymore. 90% of the experience/materials are returned to be exact.

Hero Section

Here you will find all of your heroes. You have several sorting options available to you once you acquire enough heroes to need them. You can view the heroes sorted by different criteria as well under the tabs. There are 8 tabs from left to right.

  • All: All has all of your heroes.
  • New: New has your newly acquired heroes you haven’t inspected yet.
  • Level Up: Level up has only heroes that are available to be leveled up.
  • Collection Book: Collection book are heroes that haven’t been added to your collection book yet.
  • Soldier, Constructor, Ninja & Outlander: These contain heroes of only those particular classes for specialized viewing.

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What Are Hero Upgrades?

Upgrades are represented by stars on the character card. A character with 1 star, has not yet been evolved which normally means you will only be able to get them up to level 10.

Once you get to level 10, you need to evolve them to progress any further. If you look on the central panel, you will see some skills that the character has.

You start out with one, but when you evolve, you will gain access to newer and more powerful skills. Over time, you will find these are required to take on the more difficult hordes of enemies, making evolution something you need to put some time into. Always make sure to upgrade the hero that is right for you.

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Evolving is a far more difficult thing to do, particularly at the start of the game. You require far more components than just XP and most of these components are quite rare. When you are viewing the hero that you want to evolve, press the “View Evolution” button, which is square on the image above.

This will show you all of the items that you must obtain to evolve this hero. Max level, xp and pure drop of rain are fairly simple, although the pure drop of rain are quite rare. The biggest question people have are the training manuals.

How to level up your Hero

There are two ways to get to the menu to level up your hero. You can go to the “COMMAND” tab, where your hero avatar is located and press the V key on PC (X on Xbox/Square on PlayStation) for easy access to level your Primary Hero or you can navigate to the “HEROES” menu to find all of your heroes on the “MANAGE” page.

Just click on the Hero avatar for PC (A on Xbox/ on PlayStation) to open up the “Upgrade / Inspect” option. Then left-click or push the V key on the PC to open up the new Hero window.

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Here you will be able to see your hero, your heroes statistics, their abilities and perks. The L key or Level Up button will allow you to level up or evolve your hero, depending on their hero level.

The V key (Press in Left-Stick on Xbox/PlayStation) will allow you to see your hero skin in full with no menu. The F key (Press in Right-Stick on Xbox/PlayStation) will Toggle the Hero as a Favorite.

The U key (X button on Xbox/Square on PlayStation) will give you your upgrade hero options. There are Level Up, View Evolution and Increase Rarity.

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  • Level Up will increase your characters level. There are currently 50 levels within the game for heroes to achieve.
  • Every ten levels, you will have to Evolve your hero to the next set of ten levels. Leveling up your hero requires hero experience.
  • You can get hero experience in a variety of ways. Y
  • ou do not need to play a hero to level them up.
  • View Evolution will show you the requirements for your Heroes next Evolution. Each one increases the amount of materials required to Evolve your hero.
  • The first Evolution involves some Pure Drops of Rain and Training Manuals. The next one involves more of those and Lightning in the Bottles.

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  • Increase Rarity will increase the rarity level of your hero. There are five Hero rarity levels currently in the game. UncommonRareEpicLegendary and Mythic rarities.
  • You can evolve most heroes up to Legendary. Each increase in rarity requires 100 Flux materials of that particular rarity. e.g.
  • If you want to upgrade a Rare hero to an Epic version of that hero, you will need 100 Epic Flux to accomplish that.


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