8 Foods That Can Speed Up Aging Process

8 Foods That Can Speed Up Aging Process

Can you look aged because of the type of food you are eating? Recent studies reveal that there are some foods that can boost the aging process. If you are making the mistake of overeating these foods, you will end up harming your youthful skin. Check out these 8 foods that can make you look aged even if you aren’t.

Foods That Can Make You Look Aged


Sweets possess sugar in excess that triggers certain processes. These processes affect your skin collagen (a protein that maintains your skin youthfulness and elasticity). Sugar also damages your teeth. Thus, causing discoloration, and tooth decay.

Salty Foods

Salty foods like chips, crackers, pizza, cheese, cereals, etc. lead to a “puffy” look. It also shrinks your skin cells and this can lead to dehydration. Thus, it is advised to make use of little salt. Another great alternative is fresh foods over pre-cooked or preserved foods.


The liver expels harmful toxins naturally out of your body when it functions well. However, when toxins build up, it develops issues like wrinkles, sallowness, and acne. Alcohol not only affects your liver but also disrupts your sleep. Dr. Ostad says inadequate sleep is connected with uneven pigmentation, reduced skin elasticity, and wrinkles.

Charred Meat

If you are a meat lover, there is bad news for you. Charred meat contains pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons that damage your skin collagens. One great way to avoid this is scraping off the chars and cleaning the grills.

Trans Fat

Deep-fried foods, junk foods, and canned frosting contain excess trans-fat which is harmful to your heart. Moreover, it speeds up the aging process by making it more vulnerable to ultra-violet rays. That’s why it is advised to avoid hydrogenated products from your food list.

Energy Drinks

No matter how refreshing energy drinks feel, still they contribute to the aging process. It also affects your teeth badly. It stains your teeth and damages your enamel. So, try limiting energy drinks.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods aggravate blotches, says research. It dilates your blood vessels and turns your skin to be less youthful. Hence, you should avoid eating spicy foods occasionally to avoid permanent redness, puffiness, and spider veins.


Caffeine depletes your body’s moisture thus dehydrates your skin. Dehydration makes your skin look aged and dull. So, next time you think of sipping a cup full of caffeine, remember this point.


Whenever you think of eating these foods, remind yourself how it looks like to get pre-mature aged. There are plenty of food options despite these dangerous foods. We hope you find the information helpful.


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