• March 3, 2024
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Term & Condition

Restricted Warranty

An utmost expansion is acceptable under all the applicable terms; there is an exception with some particulars that have their mention in these terms & conditions. The services offered by SpreeOwl comes with no warranty.

We do not hold any responsibility for any damage, loss, liability, significant changes, or claims that are related to the Service Use. We are also not responsible for any inconvenience or disturbance in the service use. The Service interruption may have omission or error reason that occurred within the website content concerning the Service on the website page. Or else, the trouble can be because of any other link website, or it can have different reasons too.

You are using this Service at your risk, and it is dependent on you to make use of this Service. SpreeOwl guarantees that its software, servers, or any kind of linked websites are free from any damaging material. 


Our Service Terms And Conditions are having preference over any other controversial or questionable material mentioned on the Service.


Users and visitors must agree to hold and remunerate with Spreeowl, heads, directors, employees, and officers from any damage, demand, or claim that include the legal fee, emerging out from the use of any third-party or from the conduct of any third-party.

Alterations To Terms

All rights are reserved with SpreeOwl to modify the terms of the website at any point. The site also reserves every right to disclose the details about the updation of the Service. 


In any case, if any section of the Terms or Disclaimer of the site is unable to be applied, this decision not in any case will influence the validity of the rest of the Disclaimer and Terms that will carry on with full effect and force.


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