6 Cooking Habits That Are Dangerous

6 Cooking Habits That Are Dangerous

Eating home-cooked food not only provides all the important dietary needs but also satisfies our hunger. It has several advantages. However, some cooking habits make our food unsafe to eat. You can’t recognize harmful bacteria just by the appearance or taste of food. In this guide, we have mentioned 6 cooking habits that are dangerous and must be avoided. Also, we have listed some easy to follow rules to keep your food safe. Let’s dive deeper into it.

Cooking Habits That Are Dangerous

Rinsing Raw Meat

What’s the very first thing you do when you bring raw meat to your home? Washing beef, veal, lamb, or raw poultry before cooking doesn’t remove all the bacteria. It rather spread all over the utensils, and surfaces. That’s why specialists recommend not to wash raw meat before cooking.

Defrosting Meat

The outside temperature range of 41 degrees F-140 degrees F is considered risky when comes to store food. Research shows that it releases harmful bacteria that grow exponentially. What’s the solution? You can defrost the meat in a microwave or fridge.

Note: Never leave food outside the microwave or fridge for more than two hours. It will rapidly grow bacteria all over the food.

Marinating Fish/Meat Outside

Another typical cooking mistake is marinating fish or meat outside. It can lead to one of the most dangerous health conditions, food poisoning. As it is already mentioned, the outside temperature can be risky. So, marinate the meat or fish by keeping it inside the fridge.

No Hand Wash

Throughout the day, you come across a various task that can leave bacteria on your hands. That’s why experts suggest washing hands thoroughly before cooking. If you violate this rule, you will end up having some kind of illness.

Undercooking Fish/Meat

What to know how all the bacteria can be eliminated? Try using a thermometer to ensure you are cooking meat or fish safely and properly.

Buying Water-Added Chicken

Did you know poultry manufactures inject water into the chicken to increase its weight? This makes the product unsafe and unhealthy. So, always pay attention when you purchase chicken. It will not alter the taste of your dinner.


These are the top 6 cooking habits that are dangerous and must be avoided. Follow all the cooking tips mentioned above to keep your food safe. Don’t forget to throw all the food stuff that are spoiled.  

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