Ivete Sangalo: 30-Year Career Tour General Sale Starts Thursday (7)

Ivete Sangalo: 30-Year Career Tour General Sale Starts Thursday (7)

Ivete Sangalo, one of Brazil’s most iconic performers, kicks off her nationwide tour celebrating 30 years in the music industry with “A Festa.” Here’s what you need to know about getting tickets for this unforgettable event:

Ticket Information

  • General Sale: The general sale for tickets to Ivete Sangalo’s 30-year career tour starts on Thursday, March 7th.
  • Price Range: Ticket prices range from R$ 50 (half-price for upper bleacher seats) to R$ 3,000 (full price for Clube da Veveta – A Festa).
  • Ticket Purchase: Tickets can be purchased through the tour’s official website.

Special Offers

  • PicPay Discount: Even after the pre-sale period, PicPay customers can enjoy a 50% discount on tickets and can opt to pay in up to 10 installments using their PicPay wallet.
  • Social Tickets: Fans can also opt for social tickets, which are priced at half the regular rate. Additionally, R$ 5 from each social ticket sold will be allocated to social projects supported by the Ivete Sangalo Institute.

Tour Details

  • Kickoff and Finale: The tour will commence with a spectacular show in Manaus on June 1st, with the final performance scheduled for April 12, 2025, location yet to be confirmed.
  • City Stops: In addition to major cities, Ivete Sangalo will take her tour to various locations across Brazil, including Barreiras in Bahia, Juazeiro do Norte in Pernambuco, Juiz de Fora in Minas Gerais, and Ribeirão Preto in São Paulo.

About the Tour

  • Celebrating 30 Years: Ivete Sangalo’s “A Festa” tour commemorates three decades of her illustrious career, showcasing her most beloved hits and celebrating her enduring legacy in the music industry.
  • Spectacular Performances: Fans can expect electrifying performances, infectious energy, and an unforgettable celebration of Ivete Sangalo’s unparalleled contribution to Brazilian music.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this historic tour as Ivete Sangalo takes audiences on a musical journey spanning 30 remarkable years. Secure your tickets now for an experience you’ll cherish forever!

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