Xbox Series X Console Launch Date, Price, And Much More

Xbox Series X Console Launch Date, Price, And Much More

Microsoft has launched one of the most awaited gaming console series, the Xbox Series X Console. It is considered the answer of Microsoft to the PlayStation 5 but which one is the best gaming console we are going to discuss below. Before discussing Xbox vs PlayStation 5, we are going to mention the information on the topic: Xbox Series X Console Launch Date, Price, and Much more. So if you are looking for a gaming console and looking for information on the Xbox Series X Console and want to compare the Xbox X with the PS5 then you must know that you are at the perfect place. In this post we are going to cover most of your questions, so check this amazing and informative post now!

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Console Launch Date

Before mentioning any information on Xbox Series X Console we must let you know when the Xbox Series X Console was launched. Xbox Series X Console was released worldwide on 10 November 2020. With this Console, Microsoft also has released the Xbox Series S which is a more affordable and lower spec-ed version. Xbox Series S Console was released worldwide on 8 September 2020.

Xbox Series X Console Price

Xbox Series X Console is launched at the price of $499. You can visit the below-mentioned sites to know more about the price range of the Xbox Series X Console:

  • Microsoft Store:
  • Amazon:
  • Walmart:
  • Newegg:

True Cost Of Xbox!

You might be thinking what does this thing mention here? Do we have mentioned the wrong price of the Xbox Series X Console? No! We didn’t. The real meaning of the true cost is if you want to enjoy the whole Xbox Series X Console experience then you have to add some extra essential expenses. Some of these expenses are mentioned below, so check them not and below then we will mention the total true Cost.

SSD Upgrade: Worth $219

To increase the SSD space you need to install a new and upgraded SSD which should be almost 1Tb. This will make your Xbox run smoothly.

Spare Xbox Wireless Controller: Worth $59Y

es, Xbox gives you a controller in Console but you have to get another Console to complete a pair and so that for split-screen co-op Halo, you’ll need to get another.

Xbox Rechargeable Battery: Worth $24

Xbox Console does not have a rechargeable battery so you have to add this expense.

Gaming Passes And Next-Gen Game: Worth $159

There are several games available on Xbox for free and to enjoy more amazing games you have to add your expense.

We have mentioned some of the expenses but if we add all the expenses then the total true cost of the Xbox gets around $1500.

Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5

This is the most common question in everybody’s mind, so let’s compare these gaming consoles on a few points:


Comparing the price range of these both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will conclude the result, neither of them is a winner at this point.


Comparing all the points related to the games on both consoles it can be concluded that PlayStation 5 is the winner.


The performance of both consoles is amazing. We can conclude at this point both of them are winners.


Comparing the designs of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 can be concluded by anyone that Xbox Series X has amazing design, so Xbox Series X is the winner at this point.

Backward Compatibility:

Xbox Series X is the winner at this point.Cloud Gaming:Xbox Series X is the winner of we compare at Cloud Gaming.

Overall Winner:

The vs between Xbox and PlayStation 5 cannot be concluded that easily. We could say both the consoles are amazing at their points. So it’s up to you which one you would like to prefer.

Last Words

We have mentioned the information on Xbox Series X Console Launch Date, Price, and Much more, hope you loved the information and found it informative.

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