Windows 11’s HDMI port not working? Here’s what to do

It is a common issue this user faces finding out that the Windows 11’s HDMI port is not working. There may be several issues behind it. Here we are going to discuss some of the issues that might be behind this problem and we are even going to give you the list of some of the steps that you must try if your HDMI port is not working. So your Windows 11’s HDMI port not working? Here’s what to do. Read this article to get the full information. 

What is an HDMI port?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is the most frequently used signal. HDMI is the HD signal used for transferring high-definition audio and video. This helps HD signal transfer over a single cable. 

Uses Of HDMI

HDMI is the most used cable which is used in devices like digital TV, DVD player, BluRay player, Xbox, Playstation, etc. Nowadays it is also used in laptops and computers.

It is used to move your display from a computer to a second monitor or television, as well as from video game consoles to your television, among other things. And here is the problem that we are here to discuss. So if your Windows 11’s HDMI port is not working? Here are the things that you can do to resolve this issue and know the problem due to which it is not working.

What To Do If The HDMI Port Is Not Working In Windows 11?

Clean your port

One of the most faced problems is that the port of the people is not cleaned. Due to the dirt in the port, it might not be working.

Whenever your Windows 11’s HDMI port is not working you must first disconnect it from your device and then reconnect it. But before you reconnect it to your device you must make sure to clean it by blowing out the dirt which might be there in the port. 

This solution will work if your HDMI port was not working due to some little dirt. Even reconnecting the port may work if it was not connected properly before.

Connect In Proper Plug

Connecting your HDMI plug in the proper connector is also important to make your HDMI work. Many times people connect the port in the wrong connector resulting in you might think your plug has some issues. 

You must notice that your port is connected to the correct connector. There might be two or more HDMI connectors available on your computer so you must try to connect in each so that you could connect in the connect one.

Also, you must know that you have to connect your port to a graphic card or on the motherboard.

Windows update

Windows update might be a problem in using your HDMI port. So if you have tried the above-mentioned solutions and still your port is not working you must check for windows update.

Updating windows can make your port work. You can update your windows by following the given method:


  1. Press the WINDOWS key + I to open the settings window. 

  3. From the menu present on the left side click on Windows Update.

  5. Click on Check for updates and you will get the update if available.

  7. Install update. 

HDMI (HD Signal) port is widely used for various purposes frequently in various devices. So if you are using the Microsoft 11’s HDMI Port and it is not working then you have several solutions for you now. Hope this article will help you if your Windows 11’s HDMI port was not working

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