Why Coronavirus Third Wave Dangerous For Children? How to Address It? All You Need to Know

Why Coronavirus Third Wave Dangerous For Children? How to Address It? All You Need to Know

Children have also been infected in the second wave of corona virus. Now the arrival of the third wave of corona infection is also believed to be almost certain. Given the rate of infection and the lack of vaccines, it is being estimated that the third wave will affect children the most. Because of this there is a lot of panic and confusion among the parents. However, experts say that parents should not be afraid of the virus as it will not have any serious effect on the children. AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria has recently clarified that there is no evidence so far that in the upcoming wave of Kovid there will be a lot of infection among children or more cases will come in them.

There is no indication that children would be badly affected:

Randeep Guleria has said, “If we look at the figures for Phase I and II, it is very similar. This shows that children are generally safe and that even if they are infected, they may have minor infections. The virus has not changed, so there is no indication that children will be affected more in the third wave. There is no evidence so far that in the coming wave, there will be a serious infection in children or more cases will come in them.

Why are children at risk?

Some experts believe that if the third wave of corona comes, then children will be more vulnerable to this virus. This is being said because by the third wave, most of the adult people in the country will get the first dose of the vaccine. In such a situation, these people will be more safe than children. At the same time, no vaccine has been found for children yet. The corona vaccine that has been made so far. His trial has been done only on people above 16 years of age.

Disable People May Get Affected In The Third Wave:

Senior Professor Dr. Parimal Das of Banaras Hindu University has said that people with disabilities may be more affected by the possible third wave of corona virus. The reason for this is the lack of immunity in people with disabilities and they are more at risk than normal children due to their less ability. 

Das said that the government should give priority to mentally and physically challenged persons to protect them from the wave of corona virus. Children suffering from mental illnesses can also be more affected by corona. Therefore, there is a need for a national policy to save children from the third wave of corona.

How to save children from third wave of corona?

To avoid any virus, it is very important for our immunity to be strong. If the immunity of the body is good, then diseases will be less. Multivitamins also strengthen your immunity so that your body can fight diseases. In such a situation, feed healthy food to children to keep them safe in Corona. Feed plenty of fruits and vegetables, fruit juices. Ask the children to sit in the sun. Include eggs in their diet. If children have good eating habits, then diseases and corona virus also do not cause much harm. But children who are weak and malnourished are at increased risk of infection. So try to increase the immunity of children.

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How can we stop the third wave of Corona?

The Principal Scientific Adviser to the Central Government, who warned about the arrival of the third wave of corona in the country. Vijay Raghavan told that if we take strong measures, then it is possible that the next wave may not come anywhere in the country. Vijay Raghavan said that if we take strong measures then the third wave may not happen everywhere or really anywhere. All these things depend on the extent to which the effective guidance has been strictly followed everywhere at the local, state, district wise and city level.

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