What Happened to Isabelle Drummond? A Look at Her Return on “Altas Horas”

What Happened to Isabelle Drummond? A Look at Her Return on “Altas Horas”

Isabelle Drummond, best known for her roles in Brazilian soap operas, has been absent from the TV screens since her appearance in “Verão 90” in 2019. However, fans got a glimpse of her recently on “Altas Horas,” a popular Brazilian talk show, where she reunited with her fellow cast members from the hit soap opera “Cheias de charme” (2012), which is currently being re-aired on Globo.

Reunion on “Altas Horas”

Isabelle Drummond made a special appearance on “Altas Horas” alongside her co-star Taís Araujo. The show celebrated the rerun of “Cheias de charme,” a soap opera that gained immense popularity for its portrayal of the lives of three domestic workers: Maria da Penha, Maria do Rosário, and Maria Aparecida, played by Taís Araujo, Leandra Leal, and Isabelle Drummond, respectively. While Taís and Isabelle were present in the studio, Leandra Leal joined remotely via video call.

Reflections on Their Characters

During the show, the actresses reminisced about their time filming “Cheias de charme” and shared insights into their characters. Taís Araujo described her character, Maria da Penha, as the quintessential hardworking Brazilian woman who juggles family responsibilities while striving to pursue her dreams. Isabelle Drummond, on the other hand, discussed her character, Cida, highlighting her boldness and desire for a better life. Leandra Leal concluded by talking about her character, Rosário, emphasizing her aspirations to become a singer.

Notable Cast and Musical Guests

Apart from the main cast, the show also featured Ricardo Tozzi, who portrayed the character Fabian, and Cláudia Abreu, who played Chayene. Both actors shared their experiences working on the soap opera. Additionally, the musical segment of the show included performances and stories from renowned artists like Roberta Miranda, Aline Wirley, Valesca Popozuda, Virgínia Rodrigues, and Rosa Marya Colin, adding another layer of entertainment to the evening.

Reflecting on the Impact

Isabelle Drummond’s return to “Altas Horas” provided fans with a nostalgic trip down memory lane as they revisited the beloved characters and storyline of “Cheias de charme.” The reunion not only reignited interest in the soap opera but also reminded viewers of the talented actors and musicians who brought the story to life.

As fans eagerly await Isabelle Drummond’s next project, her appearance on “Altas Horas” serves as a delightful reminder of her enduring presence in the Brazilian entertainment industry.

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