Irma Vep Series-Premiere Recap: Screw Up the Plan

With his original 1996 film Irma Vep, writer-director Olivier Assayas.

The money sequence in the film

The basics of the miniseries Irma Vep, at least going by this lively first episode, are more or less the same: Foreign actress.

One of the funniest shots in the film has Binoche and her assistant, played by Kristen Stewart, yawning through her latest 3-D smash.

“It’s a sequel to a whole bunch of them.” Mira’s Marvel confusion is mine, too.

René sees her as more of an object, an inspiration to Surrealists and “an outlaw,” perhaps, but mostly a muse for men like him, not unlike the character of Irma Vep.

Mira loves the catsuit, just like Maggie Cheung. Her early attempt at pickpocketing a purse in her hotel here presages a lot of mischief to come.

When he mentions the possibility of an intimacy coordinator on set, she retorts, “You’re not touching me, supervised or not.