Ways To Record Meeting In Microsoft Teams

Ways To Record Meeting In Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Team is used widely over the world for various purposes. It gained its popularity during COVID 19 pandemic and now it has become important in virtual meetings and lectures. Different people use it for different purposes. There are many chances that you miss some part of your meeting and now wish that you could see the meeting again or even you might have some other purposes to record the meeting. Recording meetings could be an amazing feature for almost every user. If you are trying to learn the Ways To Record Meeting In Microsoft Teams then you must know that you have found the perfect place. In this post we are going to discuss How you can Record Meeting On Microsoft Teams, so check this article now to learn this useful information.

Microsoft Team

Microsoft Team is Microsoft’s developed software which is designed in a way that it could be used by individuals, freelancers, small businesses as well as large corporations. The software is a part of applications like Microsoft 365 and office 365. Business messaging, calling, video meetings, and file sharing are some of the features of Microsoft Team. It has become competitive and even a replacement to several other applications like Slack, Cisco, Google workshop, etc

Microsoft Team has several features available to their users from which one is recording the meeting. You can record Team’s meeting easily if you are the host of the meeting or have permission from your IT administrator. In this article we are going to discuss Ways To Record Meeting In Microsoft Teams also you will learn how to record Microsoft Team meetings secretly. So check this article to learn this useful information. 

Record Meetings On PC 

Recording meetings on PC is a quick process to do. It just needs a few steps to record a meeting as a host or allowed by your IT administrator. You must know that if you are a guest user then Team will not allow you to record meetings by using Team’s app in any case. Here is how to record meeting on PC:

1. Join or start a Team meeting.

2. From the top of the window click on the three horizontal dots.

3. From the given list click on ‘Start Recording’.


4. All other participants will be notified with the pop up on their screen with the message “Someone Started Recording”.

5. Once you are done with recording click again on three horizontal dots and select “Stop Recording” to end recording.



Recording will get saved on your PC and you can easily access it when needed.

Record Meeting On Mobile

You can record the Microsoft Team meeting using your mobile phone(on Android and iOS both) as a host or with permission of your IT Administrator easily. Follow the given steps to record meeting on you mobile:

1. Join or start a Team meeting.

2. Go to the meeting controls, and tap on Three horizontal dots (this will lead you to More options), and then Tap on “Start recording”. 


3. At the starting of the recording all the participants will get informed with the message ‘Someone Started Recording’. 



4. At the end again go to meeting control and tap on Three horizontal dots. Now tap on ‘Stop Recording’ to stop recording meetings.

Record Meeting Secretly

Microsoft Team can not detect any screen-capture programs. So, you can use OBS to record the Microsoft Team meeting Secretly and with notification. Follow the given steps to learn:

1. Download and install OBS on your computer.

2. After joining the Microsoft team meeting select the window to capture and the audio source to be recorded by OBS.

3. From the control menu click on “Start Recording”.

4. At last click “Stop recording” when you want to stop the recording.


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Recording meetings is an amazing feature for all types of users as one can see the meeting again for different purposes. We have explained to you the Ways To Record Meeting In Microsoft Teams. Hope this article will help you. 


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