Viral Video- Best Indian “Jugaad” To Eat Food Outside During Corona Lockdown

People all over the country are suffering from the havoc of Corona and are imprisoned in homes to avoid it. There is a curfew in several countries, and the lockdown has been imposed to stay in their house. People can move out of their homes only when they have any urgent work in such a situation. During this time, most people have gotten bored by being locked in homes for a long time. People stopped exploring, eating out, shopping; everything completely stopped. Meanwhile, one video is becoming viral on social media, after seeing which you will also say, Indians are best in “Jugaad

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In fact, due to lockdown, it has become difficult to go out to eat. People are not going to eat food even out of fear. In such a situation, a jugaad video on social media for eating food outside is going viral. 

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 This video has been shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra on social media. Along with the video, he wrote in the caption, ‘#CovidJugaad: It is not safe to go out and eat because of Covid. Therefore, innovative ideas are being extracted all over the world. This is also a unique innovation. Anyone can adopt it.


In this viral video, you can see that two people are sitting in the car, then a food worker comes there and fits a table for both of them in the car itself. The worker puts the orders on the table. After which both of them sit and eat food in a fun way. This video is becoming very viral on social media, and people are enjoying this jugaad video very much. This video has been viewed more than 3 thousand times so far. How did you like this jugaad? Please let us know in the comment.


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