Top 6 Health Benefits Of Guava

Top 6 Health Benefits Of Guava

Have you ever wondered why most people love guava than other fruits? Guava is an oval/round fruit with tiny seeds at the center. It’s best known for its fragrance and unique flavor. Since it offers numerous health benefits, it has become a superfruit. Besides this, it’s low in calories and high in fiber which makes it even healthier. Let’s talk about the top health benefits of eating guava, popularly known as “Amrood.”

Health Benefits Of Guava

Build Immunity

Amrood is a great source of vitamin C after oranges. Vitamin C is really vital for protection against infection and enhancing the immune system. It even kills bad viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, it improves iron absorption and maintains the body’s immunity level. This will make you stronger.

Treats Constipation

Since it’s full of dietary fiber, it is highly beneficial for a healthy bowel movement and digestive health. The seeds of guava when chewed acts as an amazing laxative.

Relives Stress

The fruit contains high magnesium content that relaxes your nerves and muscles. The best time to eat guava is after the long day of work. It will relieve stress and provide good energy.

Skin Health

Do you wish to have a wrinkle and fine lines free-face? Then guava can help you. It’s because it contains rich antioxidants such as vitamin C & A, lycopene, and carotene that resolve skin-related issues. It also gives freshness and radiance. Thus, keeps you away from problems like redness, acne, dark circles, and discoloration.

Reduce Cancer Risk

The presence of quercetin, vitamin C, and lycopene neutralizes your body’s free radical. Thus, prevents the development of cancerous cells. Studies shows, it reduces the growth of breast cancer cells and prostate cancer.

Improves Vision

Do you hate specs on your eyes? If yes, then start eating guava to boost vision health. The vitamin C present in guava protects your eye from deterioration. Thus, reduces the risk of macular degeneration, and cataracts.

The health benefits of guava are plenty. Some other benefits include relieving cold, cough, best home remedies for oral ulcers, swollen gums, etc. So, grab guava and enjoy its unique flavor.


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