Top 3 Relationship Challenges Of 2020

Top 3 Relationship Challenges Of 2020

Research shows that your ability to build a stable and strong relationship gets decided in infancy where you relied on a caregiver for care, food, stimulation, contact, and protection. This means there are some deeply ingrained patterns of social contact. You might have seen an adult relationship failing or succeeding. Why does this happen? It’s because most people don’t know the relationship challenges, they will face. If you are in a new relationship, this guide is for you. The challenges allow you to master the skill needed for a strong and stable relationship.

Top Relationship Challenges

Resilience In Relationships

Due to greater medical risk and a shorter lifespan, nowadays couples don’t stay several decades together. Today, long-term partners have to face such challenges more often. This threatens their connection in the very first year when the kid is about to arrive.

Some of the core challenges you may face are closed communication, goal-blocking, jealousy, taking conflict personally, and avoidance of hard topics.

How can it be encountered? Both you and your partner have to recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses honestly. Finally, come up with a solution that satisfies both points of view.

Facing Infidelity

What if your partner breaks up the commitment? There may be a number of reasons when your partner has cheated on you. For example, lack of commitment, high sexual desire, falling out of love, boosting self-esteem, tempting opportunity, etc.

Infidelity is more than a split up because around 20% of the people had sex in a committed relationship. This makes survival more challenging as both physical and emotional attachment has been made.

But you can be on the safer side if you recognize unwelcoming emotions like insecurity, embarrassment, rage in your partner. Don’t forget the relationship that got the build for all the above reasons are not the real relationship.

Partners Are Different

Couples of different sizes, heights, ages, ethnicities, religions, and cultural backgrounds find happiness together. However, the chances of tunning out are high.

Are you thinking about how different couples can thrive in the relationship? Well, the partners have to understand each other to form a strong bond. They need to communicate in a more polite and friendly way to resolve a conflict.

These are the top 3 relationship challenges of 2020 that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. No matter whether you are in a relationship or want to start a new one, these challenges are to be kept in mind.  

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