Tim Commerford’s Enigmatic Statement on Rage Against the Machine

Tim Commerford’s Enigmatic Statement on Rage Against the Machine

Discover the latest from Tim Commerford, the bassist of Rage Against the Machine, regarding the band’s status. Here’s what you need to know:

Uncertainty Surrounding the Band: Rage Against

  • Rumors of Disbandment: Despite earlier statements from drummer Brad Wilk suggesting that Rage Against the Machine would not perform live again, Tim Commerford remains uncertain about the band’s future.
  • Last to Know: Commerford humorously refers to himself as “just the bassist, the last to know,” indicating his lack of involvement in decision-making regarding the band’s activities.

Keeping Mum on the Subject

  • Reserved Comment: When asked about Wilk’s statement, Commerford chooses not to comment, preferring to wait for official communication from the band.
  • Following Brad’s Lead: With a touch of jest, Commerford admits to following Wilk’s lead, suggesting that he trusts his colleague’s judgment.

Open to Possibilities

  • Hint of Hope: Despite the uncertainty, Commerford doesn’t rule out the possibility of a Rage Against the Machine reunion, likening it to the Bat signal shining in the sky.
  • Living Outside the System: Commerford shares his contentment with living outside the constraints of the music industry, indicating that he’s at peace with whatever the future holds for the band.


As fans eagerly await news about the fate of Rage Against the Machine, Tim Commerford’s cryptic remarks add to the intrigue surrounding the band’s future. Stay tuned for updates and keep an eye on the skies for any signs of the iconic Rage symbol, signaling a potential reunion.

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