Things Sex Education Should Taught Us About Sex But Definitely Didn’t

Things Sex Education Should Taught Us About Sex But Definitely Didn’t

All across the world, sex education is a part of the school curriculum. To sensitize and educate young brains, they must be taught about adulthood at a young age. However, because sex education at the school level is simply theoretical, it is not always sufficient. It doesn’t benefit us when we graduate from high school and enter the real world. Here are seven points we should have learned in sex education but didn’t. Here are seven things we should have studied in high school but didn’t.

Your Sex Does Not Determine Your Worth As a Person

But, to get there, sex must be de-emphasized in our culture as a badge of pride or shame. Boys will continue to have an incentive to influence girls into situations where consent is questionable. Females will continue to have an incentive to influence guys into situations where they feel worthless or powerless as long as boys are blamed for not getting laid. Girls are embarrassed for being banged too much.

In this arrangement, no one wins. Everyone becomes irritated. People deceive one another. Some people are sexually assaulted. It’s no coincidence that countries with a persistent culture of sexual shame have the greatest rates of sexual assault and divorce. It’s easy to feel justified in saying and doing some messed up things to people of the opposing gender to get your way when your value as a human being is judged based on the sex you have or don’t have, or the marriage you have or don’t have.

Sex Is About More Than Biology

As it is now, sex education is essentially a series of diagrams depicting the biological ins and outs (and back-ins, oh baby!) of human reproductive behavior. It’s a guide to bodily fluids, a glorified anatomy lesson with a sprinkling of “Oh, and use protection!” thrown in for good measure. Don’t get me wrong: some of this data is valuable. We must understand how viruses spread, how pregnancy occurs, and, of course, where to inject it. But I’ve never thought about my vas deferens or the condition of her uterine lining in the heart of love. It just doesn’t seem to matter at the time.

Humans are sexual beings in and of themselves. We screw each other significantly more frequently and in far more complex ways than almost any other species on the globe. Because sexual activity has psychological and social value for humans, it is more than just a biological drive. We screw for the sheer pleasure of it. We screw for the sake of amusement. We screw for the love of it. For vengeance, we screw. Nice people, bad individuals, friends and foes, attractive people, and ugly people are all screwed up. We screw when we’re pleased and when we’re depressed. We messed up because we were bored. We screw because we don’t want to be alone. We screw because we’re head over heels in love.

And, yeah, we screw up newborns as well. So, what is the focus of all sex education? Sex education should take into account the recreational, social, and emotional motivations for sex, as well as the repercussions. It should cover topics such as the interpersonal meaning of intercourse, setting clear expectations and boundaries, conveying wants, coping with emotions of shame and awkwardness, and, of course, being responsible about safety and privacy. Sex is a wonderful thing. Engorged in someone else, one can have some of the best times of one’s life. So let’s have a conversation about it. When you say it, it sounds so apparent. But no one seems to say anything about it.

It’s Natural For People To Have Different Sexual Orientations

We now know that homosexuality is most likely linked to prenatal hormones and may even have a hereditary component. It’s only natural. It can be found across the animal kingdom. It’s been documented cross-culturally throughout human history.

The concept of sexual orientation is a relatively modern Western cultural creation. People’s sexual orientation is a continuum, and they can move around on it throughout their lifetimes.

Gender exploration and bi-curiosity are general inclinations in both men and women. Nobody becomes strange or socially unacceptable as a result of it. Get it out of your system.

Seriously, where is the blasted clitoris and what is it for?

  • Men and women have diverse sex experiences.
  • Scale of Gender
  • Anyone who has ever looked at naked people should know this.
  • Despite their existence, these differences are meaningless.

This has been proven in several neurological and psychiatric investigations. We know this because we’ve studied gay men and lesbians’ interactions. We know this because of primatology and our species’ apparent sexual dimorphism. We also know this from the personal testimonies of transsexuals who undergo hormone replacement therapy.

Sorry for harping on this. I get a slew of angry responses every time I bring it up. As a result, this is for them. Men and women differ in various ways, and those distinctions should be respected equally by both genders. (Why are people making this so difficult?

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Personal Boundaries and How to Respect Them

Consent is a significant part of this.  That’s good, but it utterly ignores the issue’s complexity. It keeps framing sex in terms of “women get to decide; you have to persuade them.” This perpetuates the idea that men must prove themselves to women and that women must be “won over” by a guy before having sex with him.

Great Sex Equals Great Relationships

“Wait till you’re married,” a lot of sex ed seminars say about the mechanics of sexual relationships as if placing a ring on your finger will suddenly fix whatever worries you may have about your sexuality.


But the point is, if sex education classes can dry out teenagers’ ears for months by talking about fallopian tubes, zygotes, and X and Y chromosomes, why can’t they also force scientific knowledge of romantic relationships on everyone? It may be argued that this is even more critical.

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