The Conversion (2022) – Movie | Reviews, Cast & Release Date

The Conversion (2022) – Movie | Reviews, Cast & Release Date

Director Vinod Tiwari has become a topic of discussion after his last movie which was based on a controversial and sensitive topic. After the great success of The Kashmir Files, director Vinod Tiwari is ready with his one more controversial film which is ready to release soon in theatres. The Conversion is going to be his next movie based on a very sensitive topic from India. We are going to mention the information about The Conversion (2022) – Movie | Reviews, Cast & Release Date. So if you are waiting for another controversial installment in cinema by Vinod Tiwari then you must check this article.

The Conversion (2022) – Release Date

Earlier the movie was planned to release in October 2021 but many things halted the release of the movie. The movie created controversy before its release due to the sensitive topics on which the film touches and due to COVID 19 pandemic, the release was canceled. But now the movie got the clearance from the censor board with certification. Now the makers have announced that the movie is set to release on 6 May 2022. 

The Conversion (2022) – Budget

Vinod Tiwari directed The Kashmir Files which was his last movie. The Kashmir Files were made with a budget of 25 Crores INR and made a collection of 250 Crores INR. After this great success, he is ready with another sensitive movie The Conversion which is a small budget movie estimated to complete in a budget of 2-2.5 Crores INR. Now it will be interesting to see how much collection this movie is going to make at the box office. 

The Conversion (2022) – Cast

The star cast of the movie is listed below:

Vindhya Tiwari is going to be the lead actress named Sakshi,

Prateek Shukla is the antagonist in the film as Bablu, Sakshi’s love interest

Ravi Bhatia is playing Dev

Sakshi’s father role is played by Manoj Joshi

The movie also features other actors and actresses including Sapna Chaudhary, Vibha Chibber, Sunita Rajwar, Anil Bahel, Sandeep Yadav, Sushil Singh, & Vijay Trivedi.

The Conversion (2022) – Reviews

The Conversion movie is yet to be released in cinemas. The movie could be reviewed only when it is released. 

The Conversion (2022) – Trailer

The trailer of the movie The Conversion (2022) is already out on YouTube. You can watch the trailer below:

The Conversion (2022) Official Trailer 

The Conversion (2022) Official Trailer 2

The Conversion (2022) – Controversy

There was a plea filed by the All India Practising Lawyers Council through advocates Adil Sharfuddin and Ubaid Ul Hasan in the Delhi High Court seeking the removal of its trailer from YouTube. But now the movie did get the clearance with the certification through the sensor board. 

The Conversion (2022) – Story Plot

The story of the movie is focused on a very sensitive topic Love Jihad. The story is based on a Hindu girl who falls in love with a Muslim boy. Later to marry him she gets her religion Converted to Muslim. Later what happens will be seen in a movie. 

Last Words

As we have mentioned many times this movie and the whole concept are based on the very sensitive topic “Love Jihad” which will surely create some controversies between Hindu and Muslim audiences. The effects of the movie and the reaction to it will be seen in May after the release of the movie. We have mentioned The Conversion (2022) – Movie | Reviews, Cast & Release Date, hope you loved the information provided. 


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