Space Force Season 3 Canceled On Netflix – Everything To Know

Space Force Season 3 Canceled On Netflix – Everything To Know

Netflix’s one of the biggest comedy projects starring Steve Carrell is officially canceled by Netflix. Netflix started this show in 2020 and the story was about the people who are establishing the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces, the United States Space Force. But now the series is officially canceled, which means Netflix is not going to release any upcoming season. This is bad news for the fans of the space force. Here we are going to serve all the information that you must know about the cancellation of the series. We have discussed ‘Space Force Season 3 Canceled On Netflix – Everything To Know’ below, so check this post to know more.

Space Force (Source Netflix)

Space Force Series

The series Space Force was first released on Netflix and was created by Greg Daniels and Steve Carell for Netflix. The first season premiered on Netflix on 29 May 2020 and got mixed reviews. Mostly the reviews were not that good to make a team go for the second season. But the team gave the series a second chance and released the second season of the series on 18 February 2022.

Space Force Season 1
Space Force Season 2

Season 3 Canceled?

Netflix has officially canceled season 3 or any upcoming season for the series. After the second season, Netflix officially canceled the upcoming plans for the show for various reasons. Some of the most important reasons behind canceling the show are mentioned below so check the given information.

Season performance

The first season got the public attention but the critics and the ratings/reviews of the season were not that good. Season two was not able to perform well. Space Force season two failed to even last longer than a week in Netflix’s top 10 overall carousels in any territory across the world.

Production Cost

The cast of the series includes many great actors. The shooting of the series costs much but these things don’t matter if the results and people’s response is good. The series wasn’t able to perform well and so no one will try to get in a loss.

What If Space Force Season 3 Was Not Cancelled?

If Netflix didn’t cancel this show which was earlier planned as the story of season two teases the upcoming season, here are the possible things that could be would have experienced in season 3.


Space Force Cast

The original cast was Steve Carell (General Naird), Diana Silvers (Erin Naird), John Malkovich (Dr. Mallory), Ben Schwartz (Tony Scarapiducci), Tawny Newsome (Andrea Ali), Jimmy O Yang (Dr. Chan) and Don Lake (Brad) would have continued in the series. Also, there were possibilities of some new cast. But unfortunately, this cast wouldn’t be seen in Space Force anymore.

Story Plot

Season two had an ending that teases the story of the upcoming season. An asteroid heading toward Earth and the team have to take action to solve this problem. If the Space Force does return somehow, the plot is a pretty obvious one – stop the asteroid, save the world. But for fans, the team singing Kokomo is the ending of the show.

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Last Words

After the audience responded to the two seasons of Space Force Netflix canceled its upcoming series. We have covered ‘Space Force Season 3 Canceled On Netflix – Everything To Know’, hope you loved the information provided.

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