Sabrina Sato and Nicolas Prattes Enjoy Romantic Sunday Together | Romantic Sunday for the Couple

Sabrina Sato and Nicolas Prattes Enjoy Romantic Sunday Together | Romantic Sunday for the Couple

Presenter Sabrina Sato and actor Nicolas Prattes are spending this Sunday (21) as a couple. In their Instagram stories, they shared photos of themselves exercising together, and Nicolas posted a picture with Sabrina captioned “A Sunday well spent.”

Expressing Love


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Sabrina commented on the post, saying “Te amo” (I love you).

Relationship Update
The couple officially confirmed their relationship in February, sparking discussions online, especially due to the 17-year age gap between Sabrina and Nicolas.

Social Media Reactions
Comments poured in, with some highlighting the age difference while others cheered them on. Despite the opinions, Sabrina and Nicolas continue to enjoy their time together.

Morning Workout Together
Sabrina and Nicolas started their Tuesday morning (16) by exercising together. Sabrina shared a photo on Instagram, taking a break from their workout session to pose with her beau.

Vacation in France
Recently, the couple enjoyed a vacation in France, sharing moments with Nicolas’s family and visiting iconic locations like Disneyland Paris.

Magical Moments
Sabrina, Nicolas, and their families made memories together, capturing the essence of their vacation in France with heartfelt photos and experiences.

Fun at Disneyland Paris
The duo, along with Sabrina’s daughter Zoe, explored Disneyland Paris, adding more joy and laughter to their trip.

Exploring France
From the French Alps to the bustling streets of Paris, Sabrina and Nicolas made the most of their time in France, creating unforgettable memories together.

Cherishing Every Moment
Their trip to Disneyland Paris was just one part of their adventure, with the couple soaking in the magic of each experience, cherishing their time together.

Sabrina Sato and Nicolas Prattes continue to enjoy their relationship, making the most of every moment together and sharing their love with their fans online.

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