Romeo and Juliet Stars File Lawsuit Against Paramount Over Nude Images

Romeo and Juliet Stars File Lawsuit Against Paramount Over Nude Images

Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting, regarded for his or her roles in the iconic 1968 movie “Romeo and Juliet,” are returned inside the highlight with a brand new felony battle. This time, they’re taking on Paramount Pictures and Criterion Collection over the unauthorized use of nude images from the film’s recent Criterion release. Let’s delve into the details of this lawsuit and what it means for the actors and the movie industry.

The Lawsuit:

Hussey, 72, and Whiting, 73, have filed a new lawsuit against Paramount and Criterion, alleging the unlawful distribution of intimate photographs without their consent. The images in question depict the actors in a bedroom scene from the film where they appear naked as star-crossed lovers.

Legal Claims Romeo and Juliet:

Romeo and Juliet
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In their lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles on Feb. 14, the actors accuse Paramount and Criterion of unlawful distribution of intimate photographs, unlawful use of likeness, and violation of performers’ rights. They argue that the companies did not have the right to reproduce or redistribute the images in digital format without their consent.

Photographs in Question:

The complaint highlights that the digital release of the film includes digitally enhanced photographs of Hussey and Whiting in compromising positions. These high-definition images were originally captured during the production of the movie when the actors were minors, with Hussey being 16 and Whiting being 15 at the time.

Response from Paramount and Criterion:

Paramount and Criterion have not yet responded to requests for comment on the lawsuit. However, Hussey and Whiting expressed disappointment with the companies’ lack of accountability and willingness to settle the matter amicably.

Ongoing Legal Battle:

This is not the first time the actors have taken legal action against Paramount regarding the distribution of nude images. A previous lawsuit was dismissed by a Los Angeles judge in May 2023, citing technicalities related to California law.

Conclusion: The renewed lawsuit by Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting against Paramount and Criterion sheds light on the complex issues surrounding consent, privacy, and rights in the entertainment industry. As the legal battle unfolds, it raises important questions about the ethical use of actors’ images and the responsibilities of production companies in preserving their dignity and rights.

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