Pitel Wins “Wildcard Power” in BBB24: Will Vote Twice in Next Eviction

Pitel Wins “Wildcard Power” in BBB24: Will Vote Twice in Next Eviction

On Friday (1st), Pitel secured the “Wildcard Power” in BBB24 and will have the ability to vote twice in the upcoming eviction on Sunday (03). The power was obtained through the luck-based dynamic “Win and Lose,” which takes place in the confession room of the Big Brother Brazil 24 house.

How “Win and Lose” Works

In this dynamic, participants can add or subtract “estalecas” (the currency in the BBB24 house) from their existing balance. After receiving the final balance, the housemates decide whether to bid to win the power. This week, Pitel placed the highest bid, wagering 3,520 estalecas to secure the power.

BBB24: The “Twin Power”

This week, the power was named the “Twin Power” because it grants the winner two votes instead of the usual one. It’s worth noting that the player can choose to vote for two different participants or allocate both votes to a single person.

Pitel’s victory adds an exciting twist to the dynamics of the game, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating how the power will be wielded in the upcoming eviction. Stay tuned to see how Pitel’s strategic move impacts the dynamics of the house in the next episode of BBB24!

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