Paula Fernandes and Naldo Benny: A Drop in Concert Fees

Paula Fernandes and Naldo Benny: A Drop in Concert Fees

Paula Fernandes: From Stardom to Reduction

Early Success

  • Breakthrough Hit: Paula Fernandes rose to fame in 2009 with the hit song ‘Pássaro de Fogo’, becoming one of the biggest names in Brazilian music.
  • Peak Earnings: At the peak of her career, around 2010, Paula earned a staggering R$250,000 per show, showcasing her immense popularity and demand in the music industry.

Decline in Earnings

  • Shift in Fortune: As years passed, Paula Fernandes experienced a decline in her popularity and industry presence, leading to a reduction in her concert fees.
  • Decreased Value: By 2019, Paula’s show fees had plummeted to around R$120,000, marking a significant drop from her previous earnings.
  • Reasons for Decline: Industry insiders attribute Paula’s reduced fees to her alleged behavior, including reports of arrogance and failure to engage with fans and event organizers.

Continuing Decrease

  • Further Reduction: Recent reports indicate that Paula Fernandes’ concert fees have continued to decrease, with figures as low as R$80,000 per show reported in 2023.

Naldo Benny: A Similar Trend

Naldo Benny

Solo Career Beginnings

  • Separation from MC Lula: Naldo Benny embarked on a successful solo career in 2013 after parting ways with his brother, MC Lula.
  • Initial Success: During the early stages of his solo career, Naldo Benny commanded fees of R$120,000 per show, reflecting his rising prominence in the music scene.

Decline in Fees

  • Earning Shift: Over time, Naldo Benny experienced a significant decrease in his concert fees, signaling a downturn in his career trajectory.
  • Substantial Reduction: Recent reports suggest that Naldo Benny’s earnings for event appearances have dropped to as low as R$10,000, a stark contrast to his earlier successes.


Both Paula Fernandes and Naldo Benny have faced challenges in maintaining their previous levels of success and demand in the music industry. The significant reduction in their concert fees reflects a shift in audience preferences, industry dynamics, and personal reputation. As they navigate these changes, they continue to adapt to evolving market conditions and strive to regain their former glory in the competitive world of Brazilian music.

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