Microsoft Teams: How to Delete Your Account

Microsoft Teams: How to Delete Your Account

Microsoft Team is widely used all over the world and has gained over millions of users from all over the world. When the whole world was in quarantine during COVID 19 the team became popular and it is now developed with many features. Using Microsoft Team is a good experience but what if you wish to delete Microsoft Team account. After creating a Microsoft Team account it is not easy to remove or delete it. So if you are not sure about deleting an account or you are facing some problems in doing it then you must know that you have found the perfect place. In this post we are going to discuss How To Delete Microsoft Teams Account. So check this article to learn this useful information.

Microsoft Team

Let us start with a quick introduction of the Microsoft team before we get into topics. Microsoft developed Microsoft Team software for video conferencing meetings. Team is a part of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites of applications. It is used by individuals, offices, large scale businessmen etc. 

Once you have created an account in Microsoft office you will find it not so easy to remove or delete it. You are not the only one who is facing this problem because this problem is faced by many users. We are going to discuss the problem and also share information on How To Delete Microsoft Teams Account. So read it; learn it and use it from here. 

The problem is that you cannot delete your Microsoft account for two reasons. 

  1. First, your Microsoft Team account is binded with an email. And the mail Id is the one which is linked with Microsoft 365 account. 
  2. Secondly, the account is active and needs to be deleted from the domain’s SharePoint website to effectively remove the user.

Delete Microsoft Teams Account

You can learn How To Delete Microsoft Teams Account by following the given two methods. So check them right now:

  • Free

When they are deleting Microsoft Team accounts you must keep one thing in your mind. If your Microsoft account which is linked with Teams is linked with any other service or not. If it is not then you won’t lose much data. You have to delete the Microsoft account which you use for Microsoft Teams.

1 From your Browser visit to visit the ‘Close Your Account’ page on Microsoft.

2. Sign into the account you want to delete.

3. Understand each item that will be lost when you delete the account and confirm it.

4. Give reason to Microsoft why you want to delete your account.

5. Click on the ‘Delete’ button.

Your account will get deleted in 60 days. If you want to recover the account you can do it in these 60 days after this duration you won’t be able to do it.

  • Organisation/Enterprise 

Firstly, you must know that you must have admin rights to Microsoft 365 admin center to delete or remove Microsoft Team account. 

1 From your browser and visit the ‘Microsoft 365 Admin Centre’.

2. Expand users from the left column.

3 Now click on active users.

4. Select the user account that you want to delete. 

5. At last click on Delete User.

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Deleting your Microsoft Team account cannot be done easily but it is not impossible to delete it. We have mentioned the information that will help you to understand How To Delete Microsoft Teams Account. Hope this information will help you to delete the account you was trying.

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