Microsoft Teams – How to Blur Your Video Background

Microsoft Teams – How to Blur Your Video Background

The Microsoft team is playing an important role in communicating and connecting the world. It is used by millions of people across the world and also has millions of daily active users. People use Microsoft Team for various reasons which could be personal or official. The Team had various features for their users and it could be used for Business messaging, calling, video meetings, and file sharing are some of the features. In this article, we are going to study one of the most important Team features which are very useful for people to enhance their Team meetings experience is ‘Virtual Background’. Users can change their Background by using this feature or can even blur their Background to hide it. We are going to discuss How to Blur Your Video Background in Microsoft Team, so you must read this post completely to learn to use this useful feature.

Microsoft Team

Let us first get introduced to Microsoft Team before learning How to Blur Your Video Background in Microsoft Team. Microsoft Team is a software developed for video conferencing and communication. It is designed with various features which make it handy to be used by individuals, freelancers, small businesses as well as large corporations. The Team is a part of some applications like Office 365 and Microsoft 365. Microsoft Team had developed used to be competitive and even a replacement to several other applications like Slack, Cisco, Google workshop, etc. 

Blurring Background can be very helpful to almost every Team user. You can hide your background to hide your messed-up room or other things which can ruin your meeting experience. Microsoft Team has a very handy process to blur your background. You can blur your background before or between the meeting too. You can follow the given ways to learn How to Blur Your Video Background in Microsoft Team easily. 

Blur Background

Here are the ways by which you can blur the background on Microsoft Team on different devices. Follow the given steps to blur background:

On Desktop

You can blur the background on your Windows and Mac devices in between or before the meeting by following the given methods:

  • Before Meeting:

1. Open Microsoft Team application on your Desktop. 

2. Now join or start a new call, this will give you a preview of yourself in a small window.

3. From beneath your picture click on a person icon and go to the background settings.

4. Find and click on the Blur picture to Blur your background.

5. Once you see the background is blurred you can join the meeting by clicking on the ‘Join Now’ option.


  • Ongoing Meeting:

1. Open Microsoft Team and join a meeting on your desktop.

2. In between your meetings move the cursor to see the toolbar. 

3. From the toolbar click on three horizontal dots, this will appear a list to you.

4. From the list of options select the “Apply Background Effects” option. This will help you to go to background settings. 

5. Find the “Blur” option in the background settings and click on it. 

6. You can check the effect from the preview option and then click on the “Apply” button. 

On Mobile Phone

The following way will help you to blur the background in both Android and iPhone: 

  • Before Meeting

1. Open the Team app on your device and join a new meeting.

2. From the top of your screen go to “Background Effects”.

3. Tap on “Blur”.

4. Select “Done”

  • Ongoing Meeting

1. Start a meeting in your Microsoft Team app.

2. Click on three days from the bottom of the screen.

3. Now select the “Blur My Background” option.

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Blurring Background is an amazing feature that could be used easily. We have mentioned to you the information that will help you to learn How to Blur Your Video Background in Microsoft Team, hope you find it informative. 


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