Majur Reflects on Her Experience After Walking the Runway at SPFW

Majur Reflects on Her Experience After Walking the Runway at SPFW

On Saturday night (13th), Majur graced the runway once again for the Bahian fashion brand Dendezeiro at São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW). Led by designers Hisan Silva and Pedro Batalha, the brand presented the thematic showcase titled “For Those Who Believe in Freedom” at the JK Iguatemi shopping center.

Majur’s Reflection

Speaking about her experience, Majur expressed how being part of SPFW is living her dream and embracing her expression. She emphasized how it boosts her self-esteem and makes her feel beautiful. Majur sees SPFW as a platform that tells the story of fashion, innovation, and recycling.

Love for National Brands

Majur took the opportunity to express her love for wearing clothes from her own country. She praised the diversity and elegance of Brazilian fashion, celebrating the craftsmanship and sophistication of national brands. Coming from Salvador, she feels deeply connected to what is produced in Brazil and is thrilled to see the new wave of designers aiming to elevate the country’s fashion scene.

The Runway Look


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Majur stunned in a long white dress paired with a green tie, accentuating the youthful spirit of Dendezeiro. She described the outfit as unique and celestial, showcasing the brand’s innovative and avant-garde style.

Recognition of Dendezeiro

Majur graced the runway once again

In an interview with CNN, Majur highlighted the significance of Dendezeiro as a powerhouse of diversity and representation in the fashion industry. She expressed her pride in the brand’s ability to blend innovation, youthfulness, and cultural heritage, emphasizing the importance of its presence as two black, Northeastern designers with immense intellectual capacity.


Majur’s experience at SPFW not only highlights her personal journey but also celebrates the diversity and creativity of Brazilian fashion. As she continues to make waves in the industry, her presence serves as an inspiration for aspiring designers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

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