Ludmilla’s Mother Responds to Ferrugem’s Comment: “I Lose My Admiration”

Ludmilla’s Mother Responds to Ferrugem’s Comment: “I Lose My Admiration”

Silvana Oliveira, the mother of singer Ludmilla, has spoken out regarding a comment made by fellow artist Ferrugem, which went viral on social media on Monday (February 18). In her response, Silvana expressed her disappointment and cited issues of race and sexuality.

The Controversy

Ferrugem’s comment, which sparked controversy, involved criticism of Ludmilla’s music. Silvana, in her response, addressed Ferrugem directly, expressing her disappointment and loss of admiration for him as an artist.

Silvana’s Defense

Silvana defended her daughter by highlighting the achievements Ludmilla has made despite facing challenges related to race and sexuality. She emphasized Ludmilla’s talent and how it has provided dignity for their family.

Challenging Stereotypes


Silvana challenged stereotypes about success in the music industry, particularly in the genre of pagode. She asserted that seeing a black woman rise to the top is often met with resistance and emphasized that everyone deserves equal respect regardless of their background or sexual orientation.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Silvana urged Ferrugem to reconsider his views and to acknowledge Ludmilla’s talent and success. She emphasized the importance of respecting artists and their families, regardless of personal opinions or preferences.

The incident highlights broader issues of representation, respect, and diversity within the music industry, sparking conversations about race, gender, and sexuality.

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