Luana Piovani’s Eventful Saturday on Instagram | A Noisy Day in Cascais

Luana Piovani’s Eventful Saturday on Instagram | A Noisy Day in Cascais

Luana Piovani, actress and aspiring singer, had a bustling Saturday on Instagram. She aimed to showcase her progress in singing lessons to her followers but was interrupted by the noise from nearby construction works in Cascais, where she resides.

Dealing with Construction Noise
Despite being accustomed to construction noise from her time in São Paulo and New York, Luana expressed frustration at the disruption caused by the construction happening near her home in Cascais.

Singing Through the NoiseDespite the noise, Luana managed to share a snippet of her singing with her followers, treating them to a rendition of Adriana Calcanhotto’s “O amor me escolheu” on her Instagram stories.

Reflecting on Past Work
Not content with showcasing her vocal talents, Luana also took the opportunity to reminisce about her directorial debut. She directed a short film and shared the memory with her audience.

Luana Piovani’s Sharing Personal Moments


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Through her Instagram posts and stories, Luana offers glimpses into her daily life, sharing both the highs and the lows with her followers.

Luana Piovani’s candid and eventful Saturday on Instagram provided her followers with an insight into her life, from dealing with construction noise to showcasing her singing abilities and reflecting on her past work.

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