Lee Mijoo and Song Bum Keun Confirmed to be Dating

Lee Mijoo and Song Bum Keun Confirmed to be Dating

Lovelyz member Lee Mijoo and professional soccer player Song Bum Keun are officially in a relationship, according to recent reports and confirmation from Lee Mijoo’s agency, Antenna.

Confirmed Relationship: Lee Mijoo and Song Bum Keun

Antenna, Lee Mijoo’s agency, responded to the reports by confirming that the two are indeed dating. They stated, “They are carefully getting to know each other with mutual affection. Please look upon them with warmth.”

Previous Speculations


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Prior to the confirmation, netizens had speculated about their relationship after noticing similarities in their Instagram posts, particularly photos taken at the same locations in Japan.

Background Information

  • Lee Mijoo: Born in 1994, Lee Mijoo debuted as a member of Lovelyz in 2014. Apart from her music career, she is actively involved in various variety shows.
  • Song Bum Keun: Born in 1997, Song Bum Keun is a professional goalkeeper currently playing for Shonan Bellmare in the J1 League.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

As fans eagerly anticipate more details about their relationship, Lee Mijoo and Song Bum Keun continue to garner attention for their blossoming romance. Keep an eye out for any official statements or updates from both parties as they navigate this new chapter in their lives.


The confirmation of Lee Mijoo and Song Bum Keun’s relationship has sparked excitement among fans. With both individuals excelling in their respective fields, their union is sure to capture the interest of many. Stay tuned for further developments as their love story unfolds.

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