Learn To Turn Off Affirm On Amazon Here

Learn To Turn Off Affirm On Amazon Here

In this era of digitalization, people love to do their things online. Of all the other things which are done by online methods, one of the most done things is shopping. As people love to do shopping very much there are many applications and platforms available for the users to buy their products and get them delivered to the door. One such platform/application is Amazon. Amazon delivers almost everything to its users. Earlier users used to use either online payment or cash delivery option to pay their Amazon purchase bills but now there is a buy and pay later option available for the users. In this article we are going to discuss this feature and also we are going to mention How To Turn Off Affirm On Amazon. So check this article to learn this useful information. 

Amazon and Affirm

  • Amazon: 


Amazon is a multinational e-commerce company that was founded in July 1994 by Jeff Bezos. At first, Amazon used to be an online bookstore but as it grew, it started selling different products and goods online. Users can go through different products and can order them through Amazon, Amazon delivers their products to their doorsteps. 

  • Affirm:


Affirm is a company that gives users a loan to buy goods or services. Users can buy goods and services and can pay for them later by fixed monthly payments. Affirm does not charge any late fees, service fees, prepayment fees, or any other hidden fees which makes it more beneficial to users. 

  • Together


Times back users used to have only two options to pay their Amazon bills, either they can pay it via any online payment service or can select for cash on delivery option. But now Amazon has another option for the users where they can buy their products or goods now and can pay for them later. The option is provided as the Affirm is allowing serving on Amazon. 

You can use Affirm at Amazon easily but there may come a time when you feel like turning Off Affirm On Amazon. If you want to know How To Turn Off Affirm On Amazon then you must know that you are at the perfect place. So check the given information to learn this useful information.

How To Turn Off Affirm On Amazon

Before turning off Affirm on Amazon you must consider the following factors:

  • You must have paid all of your Affirm loans completely.
  • Your pending transactions will be cancelled. 
  • Have to wait for 30 business days.

By following the given steps one can easily learn How To Turn Off Affirm On Amazon:

1. Open your web browser and go to Amazon Pay.

2. Now sign in to the Amazon account by using the credentials.

3. Go to the merchant agreement tab. 

4. You will now on ‘Manage Merchant Agreement’ under the click on cancel agreement.

5. Confirm your action by clicking on cancel agreement from the dialog box that will appear to you.

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The buy now and pay later option is very useful for people who need something but do not have money at present. Affirm now offers Amazon users to enjoy this feature. We have mentioned to you the information that will help you to understand How To Turn Off Affirm On Amazon. Hope this post might be useful to you. 


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