Learn The Ways To Mute Meetings In Microsoft Team

Learn The Ways To Mute Meetings In Microsoft Team


The Microsoft team has become an important software in video conferencing meetings in almost every kind of business and meeting. At the time in COVID 19 when the whole world was staying at home, many software like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, etc got much importance in life and gained popularity. Today the Microsoft team had millions of daily active users. One of the most important things that helped the team to get these users is that it had multiple features for their users. As it is used everywhere you must learn some features that you must use to get a good experience in a team. In this article, we are going to discuss such features to help you. We are going to serve you the information that will help you know how to Mute Meetings In Microsoft Team. So read this article to get this useful information and learn this useful feature. 

Microsoft Team


Before learning about the features of the Microsoft Team, let’s have a quick introduction to the Team itself. Team or Microsoft Team is a part of applications like Microsoft 365 and Office 365. The software is developed by Microsoft and now with the availability of various devices, it has millions of daily active users on it. 

The Team is competitive and even a replacement to other applications like Slack, Cisco, Google workshop, etc due to its several features. 

Now let’s learn about one of its useful features which is, The Ways To Mute Meetings In the Microsoft Team. 

Mute Yourself During Call



To get the best calling experience one must mute himself or herself when they do not have anything to speak. There are chances that you may create noise in meetings unknowingly. To be on the safer side you can just push that mute button on your microphone is a good idea. Just click on the microphone and you have muted yourself. You can undo this by clicking on the same button again. 


Mute Team Audio



There may be a time when you do not want to listen to the discussion going on in the meeting and want to do some other work on your computer. But there are no options or buttons available in Microsoft Team that can help you to mute the whole Team audio if you want to do so. If you reduce your volume you will end up turning down the volume of your entire system. You can follow the given way to mute only Team:


1. Right click on the volume icon at the bottom right corner of the windows Taskbar.

2. Select “Open Volume Mixer” from the expanded menu.



3. Vertical volume panels of several apps will get available to you in the new pop-up window. 

4. Click on the Speaker icon at the bottom. 

This will mute the Microsoft team volume and you can listen to the volume of other applications.

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When we are using an application we must learn some additional features to enhance the experience. We have given you the information that will help you to Learn The Ways To Mute Meetings In Microsoft Team. Hope this will be helpful to you.


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