Introducing Miss AI: A Revolutionary Beauty Pageant | Embracing Technology and Glamor

Introducing Miss AI: A Revolutionary Beauty Pageant | Embracing Technology and Glamor

Prepare to witness a groundbreaking event in the world of beauty pageantry with the arrival of Miss AI. This innovative competition marries technology and glamour like never before, introducing AI-generated models and influencers to the forefront of the stage.

The World’s First AI Beauty Pageant

Beauty Pageant

Miss AI, organized by the World AI Creator Awards (WAICA), marks a significant milestone in the evolution of beauty pageants. It heralds a new era where traditional standards of beauty intersect with cutting-edge AI technology.

Judging Criteria and Prizes

Contestants in Miss AI will be evaluated based on three key criteria: appearance, online presence, and technical proficiency in AI creation. With a generous prize pool of $20,000 up for grabs, the competition is set to be intense as AI “ladies” vie for the coveted title.

Fanvue Partnership and Rewards

Beauty Pageant

Miss AI has partnered with Fanvue, a leading subscription-based platform hosting virtual models, to bring this unique pageant to life. The winner, crowned ‘Miss AI,’ will receive a cash prize of $5,000, along with promotion on the Fanvue platform and PR support totaling $5,000. Runners-up and third-place winners will also be rewarded for their efforts.

Redefining Beauty Standards

Miss AI represents a paradigm shift in beauty pageants by featuring AI-generated judges alongside human counterparts. The judging panel includes prominent figures with large online followings, underscoring the transformative potential of AI in reshaping traditional beauty norms.

The Future of Beauty Unveiled

As Miss AI unfolds, it offers a glimpse into the future of beauty standards and the role of AI in redefining beauty in the digital age. The winner, to be announced on May 10, will not only be crowned Miss AI but will also symbolize the dawn of a new era where technology and beauty converge.


Miss AI is not just a pageant; it is a testament to the power of AI to revolutionize beauty standards and challenge conventional notions of beauty. As the world awaits the crowning of Miss AI, anticipation mounts for what promises to be a groundbreaking moment in the history of beauty pageantry.

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