How Vitamin A Helps You To Burn Fat During Cold Days?

How Vitamin A Helps You To Burn Fat During Cold Days?

Do you want to burn more fat during cold days? A recent study shows vitamin A can help you to burn fat on chilly days. It turns fatty tissue to brown fats that eventually burn fat quickly. This guide describes everything mentioned in the published journal Molecular Metabolism in response to the therapy. For people who don’t prefer exercising on cold days, this information is like icing on the cake. So, stick to this guide and transform your health completely.

Brown Fat From White Fat

There are two types of tissues found in most people namely, brown fats and white fats. 90% of our body constitutes white fat. It is situated in the bottom, upper things, and abdomen. These areas accumulate white fat when you get obese.

During the cold days, brown fat starts activating and it produces extra heat so to keep the body temperature. In the adult human body, it is found in limited quantities.

The study shows vitamin A helps to burn fat by generating heat in the body. It helps the browning process of adipose tissues.

What Happens When Your Body Feels Cold?

When your body feels cold, vitamin A reaches these fatty cells to transport retinol-binding protein. Moreover, it also reaches white fat cells to turn them into brown fat cells. This leads to increased energy consumption and metabolic activity.

But researchers suggest not to take vitamin A in large quantities. It is because of the fact that vitamin A should reach the right cells on time to burn fat.

Vitamin A Foods

Carrots: One of the most popular sources of vitamin A is carrots.

Spinach: They are low-calorie vegetables but high in Provitamin A.

Papaya: Papaya is important for eye health and liver. It contains a large amount of Provitamins.

Sweet Potato: Another healthy food with a high quantity of vitamin A is sweet potato.


As per researchers at MedUni Vienna’s Division of Endocrinology, and Metabolism, vitamin A can control lipid processes. All the above foods will help you to burn fat and keep your body warm during cold weather.

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