How To Upgrade Vehicle Console In Subnautica?

How To Upgrade Vehicle Console In Subnautica?

the vehicle Upgrade Console is a Seabase module that allows the player to upgrade and customize the Seamoth and Prawn Suit. It is constructed with the Habitat Builder and can only be constructed inside a Moonpool. In order for the player to build it, its blueprint must be retrieved from a DataBox.

The Vehicle Upgrade Console displays the name and current Energy level of any docked vehicle. By interacting with the control panel, the player can customize the docked vehicle by renaming it or modifying its colour scheme: the color picker works by having the central panel used to pick the hue and the slider to the right adjusting color saturation, with greyscale accessible at minimal saturation and other colors as it is increased.

The Vehicle Upgrade Console includes a fabricator for crafting Upgrade Modules for the Seamoth and Prawn Suit. It can also craft ammunition for the Torpedo System and Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm.

How do I upgrade my vehicle console?

The Vehicle Upgrade Console is a Seabase module that allows the player to upgrade and customize the Seamoth and Prawn Suit. It is constructed with the Habitat Builder and can only be constructed inside a Moonpool. In order for the player to build it, its blueprint must be retrieved from a Data Box.

How do you upgrade Seamoth depth?

The Seamoth Depth Module MK2 is an upgrade module that increases the dive depth of the Seamoth to 500 meters. It can be added by placing the module in the upgrade panel, located on the left side of the Seamoth. It can be crafted by upgrading the Seamoth Depth Module MK1 with the Modification Station.

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Where are Moon Pool fragments?

To unlock the Moonpool Blueprint, the player must scan two of its Fragments. These can be found in Wrecks or the Mushroom Forest. The Seabase that the Moonpool is attached to must have power (except in Creative Mode) in order to dock vehicles. It can, however, release vehicles without power.

How do you recharge a Seamoth?

To recharge your Seamoth, either dock it in a Moonpool, which you’ll need to scan fragments for and then build, or replace the depleted power cell with a charged one. The Seamoth’s power cell is accessible in the lower rear of the craft.

How do you get deeper in Subnautica?

You have several options.

  1. Explore the aurora to find a depth upgrade for your sea moth. That will get you 300m depth on the sea moth.
  2. Explore the aurora and find the prawn bay.
  3. Build a moon pool and vehicle upgrade console and a modification station.
  4. Go deep without a vehicle.

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Can you kill the sea emperor?

The opening sentence of the databank entry suggests that Sea Emperor Leviathans are the largest living species identified in the Subnautica universe. It is also impossible to attack the Sea Emperor Leviathan.

How many submarines are in Subnautica?

The original vehicle plans for Subnautica saw the player have access to two small subs, two medium-sized subs, and one or two large subs. Concept art can be found for these other submarines.

How do I build Seamoth upgrades?

Upgrades for the Seamoth can be made in two places: modification station and the vehicle upgrade console. You have several modifications to choose from, including: sonar, storage module, torpedo system, perimeter defense system, depth module compensator, hull reinforcement, engine efficiency module, and solar charger.

How do you customize the Cyclops?

The Cyclops can be customized using the onboard Cyclops Upgrade Fabricator located on the starboard side of the engine room. Upgrades can be installed and removed via a six-slot panel on the port side of the engine room.

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How do you modify a prawn suit?

The Prawn Suit can be customized with the Vehicle Upgrade Console, which the player can use to craft upgrades and change the vehicle’s name and color scheme. Upgrades can be installed and swapped via a panel on its left shoulder. The Prawn must be detached from the Moonpool in order to access this panel.

How do you change the color of a Cyclops?

The User Interface (UI) has changed. To change the color, highlight the central square with the DP. Then use the RS to change the color.

Where is the grapple arm for the prawn suit?


  1. Blood Kelp Trench.
  2. Dunes.
  3. Grand Reef.
  4. Mountains.
  5. Underwater Islands.

Where do I get prawn suit arms?


  • Blood Kelp Trench.
  • Dunes.
  • Grand Reef.
  • Underwater Islands.

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How much health does a ghost Leviathan have?

Six Ghost Leviathans spawn on the map: three juveniles in the Lost River, two adults in the Grand Reef, and one adult in the Northern Blood Kelp Zone….About.








Bite: 85 (Player) Bite: 43 (Seamoth) Bite: 14 (Prawn Suit) Bite: 220 (Cyclops)

Can Ghost leviathans kill you?

Then Use the grapple to effectively lasso the leviathan and pull you in close while the leviathan trying to shake you off prevents you from getting that damaged by the leviathans mouth. then you turn on your drill and hang on for dear life. The leviathan wont be killed by this.

Can you outrun a ghost Leviathan?

You can use the seamoth to get through there. You can use the prawn to zip along the ceiling with the grappler hook, and you will outrun the ghosts no problem because it’s the fastest mode of transit if done right.

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Is it possible to kill Ghost Leviathan?

It takes 100 swings of the heat knife to kill a juvenile ghost leviathan and that means 3 full blasts from the gravity gun and a full ultra high capacity air tank and that’s it. It takes 20 second less than the full tank of air to kill it giving you plenty of time to get back into your vehicle.

Does the stasis rifle work on ghost leviathans?

The bodies of long creatures such as the Reaper Leviathan are unaffected by Stasis Rifle shots to the body; the head must be hit for it to take effect. Sea Treader Leviathans, hidden Crabsnakes, and Skyrays are immune to the Stasis Rifle.

Is the lost river dangerous?

This part of the Lost River is the safest sub biome in Subnautica. This is because the blue brine does not harm the player, there is only one fauna species (which is passive), and there is no flora which can harm the player besides Deep Shrooms.

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