How To Share Screen On Microsoft Teams In 2022

How To Share Screen On Microsoft Teams In 2022

The Microsoft team is being used widely everywhere in the world. When the world was in quarantine during COVID 19 pandemic, working from home software like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, etc have become common and important for virtual conferences and meetings. Microsoft Team gained a variety of users from across the world. Microsoft provides numerous options for their users creating it compatible and helpful for workers from completely different works. In this article, we are going to share some knowledge associated with Microsoft Team and additionally the tutorial on the subject “How To Share Screen On Microsoft Teams In 2022”. Therefore if you were trying to find such info then you need to browse this text fully.

Microsoft Team

Microsoft Team, also popularly referred to as Team, is cloud-based collaboration software. Microsoft team is part of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suite of applications. The application is used widely all over the world and has millions of active users daily on it. Microsoft Team is used widely and its capabilities include business messaging, calling, video meetings, and file sharing. The capabilities of the team make it competitive and even a replacement to other applications like Slack, Cisco, Google workshop, etc. Microsoft Team app has the availability on different devices which includes laptops, mobile devices, etc. People from different types and sizes of businesses can work by using Microsoft Team.


If you are the one who was searching for the information by which you can learn to share screen on Microsoft team then you must know that you have found the perfect place for you. The further information will help you to know “How To Share Screen On Microsoft Teams In 2022”. So read the given information to learn it in the best and the easiest way. 

Sharing Screen In Team

Doing video conferencing in the meetings is okay but video and chats are not enough all the time. The screen share feature in the Microsoft Team makes it easier to explain what you are talking about. The feature could be used on your desktop or mobile devices. 

At Desktop

It is very easy to learn how to Share Screen On Microsoft Teams in 2022 on Desktop. You just have to click on one button from your meeting controls to share a screen. 

  1. Click on the upward pointing arrow which is the share icon from the meeting controls.
  2. When you have clicked on it, it will show you options to share a window, a PowerPoint file, a whiteboard, or your entire desktop. Select what you want to share.
  3. At last, when you have completed your sharing part you must click on the stop sharing button to stop screen sharing as the whole screen is shared at screen sharing time.

At Mobile

The Team allows you to share screens on your mobile when you are at the meeting. 

  1. Click for more options on the three dots available on your meeting screen. 
  2. Now tap on the share screen icon. 
  3. Choose from the option which includes video, photo, and your whole screen what you want to share.
  4. From the bottom of the screen and select start when you are ready to share the screen.
  5. At last end screen sharing by click on stop sharing.

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Sharing Screen can help you to give clear information while you are in a meeting. We have given you the information that will help you to understand “How To Share Screen On Microsoft Teams In 2022”. Hope you might have understood the information and have learned to share the screen.


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