How To Remove Profile Picture From Zoom 2022

How To Remove Profile Picture From Zoom 2022

In today’s life, virtual meetings are playing an important role in various activities. For such virtual activities, zoom is one of the most trusted and used devices all over the world. People have used zoom for various informal activities like chatting with friends or family etc. But today it is mostly used for formal activities like business meetings or online classes or maybe for job interviews. In such cases, you are not able to use the zoom profile picture you have used for informal ones. So you have to change or remove your profile picture. In this article, we are going to serve the information step by step by which you can learn How To Remove Profile Picture From Zoom 2022. 


Let’s start with the information about zoom itself. Zoom, which is a video communication software, is developed by zoom video communication. It is available on several devices and even has its official website and has millions of users across the world. 

Zoom provides 100 participants room for 40 minutes for every user for free and for the users who have a subscription it has 10,000 participants for a time limit of 30 hours. 


Setting any image for your meeting could be no longer appropriate if you use zoom for business or work. You might have set the zoom profile picture or zoom might have selected it from the Google account and now you might be looking to remove it because you don’t like it. 


All together the solution for this problem comes to end with the solution, remove your profile picture. If you are looking for the solution then you must know that you have found the perfect place. Here we have given how you can remove profile pictures on different devices:


It is quite straightforward to remove profile pictures on zoom from a PC. If you are using the zoom on your PC and looking to remove the profile picture of yours here is how to do this:

  1. First, launch the zoom official website at the PC web browser and log in to your account.
  2. Scroll the zoom’s homepage till the end where you will see various menus on a darkened banner. From the support, the menu clicks on the “Account” option.
  3. This will open the “Account Profile” page from which you can select the profile option from the top-left menu. 
  4. Under your profile picture thumbnail, you will be provided with two options, change and delete. Choose to delete to remove your profile picture.

On Phone

It is not possible to remove your profile picture by using the zoom application on your Android or iOS device. The zoom app provides the option by which you can change the profile picture. But we have a way by which you can remove the profile picture. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open the web browser on the phone and open zoom’s official website. 
  2. At the bottom of the support, section click on the “Account” option. 
  3. Under the “Account Profile” section click on the profile option.
  4. Under your profile picture click on delete to remove it.


Zoom software is used for various purposes and it is important to have a decent picture for different kinds of meetings. But it is difficult to change the picture according to every different meeting. The solution for this problem is that you can remove the profile picture. We have given you the ways by which you can learn How To Remove Profile Picture From Zoom 2022. Hope you might have found this article useful to you. 

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