How To Remove Family Link Without Parent (Latest And Effective Way)

How To Remove Family Link Without Parent (Latest And Effective Way)

Parents love to monitor their children’s devices for “safety” purposes, which is a perfect thing to do. But this is applicable till the child is underage. Once the child crosses the legal age no parental control is required on mobile. But if parents do not remove the parental control on devices themself for “Safety” issues but you want to remove it then you can remove it yourself. One of the parental control applications of Google Family Link. So if you want to learn How To Remove Family Link Without Parents then you must know that this article is for you. In this article we are going to help you to solve this issue, so check this article now. 

How To Remove Family Link Without Parents?

Before you learn to remove Family Link you must know that you have to know a few passwords to remove Family Link. You can’t just hack a device to do so. Now let’s start! Here are some of the ways to learn How To Remove Family Link Without Parents: 

Remove By Using Browser

If the parental control is turned on by using a browser (eg: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) by Family Link then you can easily remove the supervision from the browser. You can follow the given steps to remove Family Link:

1. Open your web browser (let’s say Google Chrome).

2. Now click on the Google account profile (which is used to enable parental supervision).

3. Now select the child’s account (on which is parental control applied). 

4. Click on “Parental Settings” and then click on “More”.

5. From the left side of the screen get the information on the logged-in profile.

6. Lastly click on “Delete Account And Data Option”.

You have successfully removed the parental control from the browser.

Remove From the App

You can easily remove the Family Link directly by using the app by following the given steps:

1. Open Family Link application on your device.

2. Now go to the “Settings” option.

3. Tap on the “Configuration Manager” option.

4. You will find the “Account Information” option in the section Tap on it.

5. Here you will be provided with the “Delete Account” option tap on it. 

6. You will be asked to follow some instructions which will be displayed on your screen, follow them, and complete the process of removing your parental control.

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Final And Important Words

We have given you the ways to learn How To Remove Family Link Without Parents. Even if you are unable to do it then you should stop trying it. You might be feeling that your parents are keeping an eye on everything that you do and this may seem a little bad to you but it is for you. Your parents do it for you so that they can protect you from the imaginary world on the device. 



     Some Questions:


What is a Family Link?

Ans: Family Link is a platform or application by Google which allows parents to control and manage their children’s devices. Parents can manage and limit searches for their children and can even set the limitation to the usage of several applications and setting time limit to their usage. 

How Does Family Link Work?

Ans: Parents can set their children’s account and link it with Family Link and with their account. Later they can easily control their child’s device by using their device. 


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