How To Recover Deleted Youtube Channel (Effective And Updated Method)

How To Recover Deleted Youtube Channel (Effective And Updated Method)

YouTube is one of the most popular and used social media applications/platforms across the whole world. It is used for sharing and watching videos. YouTube allows you to upload and download videos from different categories. To upload videos on YouTube you have to create your YouTube channel. People who have their channel on YouTube and complete the criteria of monetization can earn through YouTube videos. YouTube videos should be uploaded with consideration of YouTube community guidelines. If YouTube finds anything against its guidelines then they take action against the videos or channel. Similarly YouTube can suspend your channel for some reasons and for the channel owners a suspended or suddenly deleted channel could be something scary. To solve this problem we have solutions for you. In this post we are going to help you to understand How To Recover Deleted Youtube Channels by following the simplest and easiest method. 

How To Recover Deleted Youtube Channel

If you are facing the problem of suspended or deleted channels then you don’t have to worry, you have found the perfect place. Here are some of the easiest and effective methods to learn How To Recover Deleted Youtube Channels, so check the given information:

Send Email? No! Post a Tweet!

This might sound a little weird to you but yes this is right. Sending emails to YouTube or Google might not be effective to you and you might not get the replies very soon. Users have reported sending emails does not help them in getting prompt response but as soon as they Tweeted they get the prompt response.

Screenshot Of User Getting Response

All you have to do is Tweet to @TeamYouTube explaining your issue and most likely you will get the prompt response advising you on the next steps. 

Submit Appeal 

You can easily explain your problem and get your account back if your account was suspended due to an error. To explain your case to moderators you have to submit an appeal form which look like this:

Take your time and fill the form correctly as you can fill it just a couple of times. You can fill the Google Appeal Form by clicking Here. After submitting your appeal, you have to wait for a reply from YouTube.

Backup All Of Your Content

This is the last way to keep your content safe. You should keep a backup of all of your content with you. This will be helpful to you if you wouldn’t be able to recover your channel (wish this will not happen to you), as your content and  videos are your digital assets and you will not wish to lose it. 

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Final words

You cannot lose the things easily in which you might have invested your money and especially time. The given method will surely help you to understand How To Recover Deleted Youtube Channel and you would be able to do it. 


Extra Info For You

Get Introduced To YouTube:

YouTube is a platform launched by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim on 14 February 2005. The platform is available for online uploading and sharing videos. Almost after a year in October 2006 Google bought YouTube (for $1.65 billion) which changed its business model. It has become the second most visited website after Google itself. Users are able to earn from YouTube if they meet the criteria of monetization. Users can upload the videos on YouTube in different categories provided by YouTube. Many other online platforms have created their YouTube channel to increase and advise them. 


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