How To Recover A Permanently Deleted Gmail Account 2022 (Updated And Effective Method)

How To Recover A Permanently Deleted Gmail Account 2022 (Updated And Effective Method)

To operate all the Google applications on any device it is essential to log in with your Gmail first. When you log in with your Gmail account, you get logged in with your Google account and now you can access your Google Chrome. Getting access to your Google account gives you access to use all the Google applications. Sometimes you may delete the Gmail account accidentally or maybe for some reason but now you wish to get your account back. If you are having this problem we are here with this post for you. In this article, we are going to discuss How To Recover A Permanently Deleted Gmail Account. So check this post completely to understand the possible solution for this problem. 

How To Recover A Permanently Deleted Gmail Account?

Before we get to the method to recover your permanently deleted Gmail you must first know that you may recover your Gmail and there are chances that you may not. 

So here is the step by step method for learning How To Recover A Permanently Deleted Gmail Account:

1. Open your web browser and go to ‘Google Account Help’.

2. Now click on the text ‘Follow the steps to recover your account.

3. Now follow some steps asked by Google to recover the Gmail account.

4. Now enter your email or phone number and then click on ‘Next’.

5. At the given side enter the last password you remember and then click next.

6. You have successfully got your Gmail account recovered, now click on “Continue” to view your Gmail.

NOTE: If in any of the steps in recovering your Gmail account you get a notification or pop-up message ‘Couldn’t find your Google account’ then it simply means you have lost the Gmail permanently. In such cases, you have no chance to recover the deleted Gmail account. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Que: What happens after deleting a Google account?

Ans: Deleting your Gmail account means you won’t be able to use any Google services. Deleting an account will lead to data and content being lost and unable to get access to Google services or use that account any longer. 

Que: After How Many Days Can I Recover My Deleted Gmail Account?

Ans: There is a time limit of 20-28 days after deleting your Gmail account to recover it. If the time exceeds more than that you simply lose your Gmail account and wouldn’t be able to recover it.

Que: How Do I Know If My Gmail Account Has Been Deleted?

Ans: There is no proper method to check if your account is deleted or not. But you can simply try to log in to your account and if it says the account doesn’t exist it means it is deleted. 

Que: What Happens To Inactive Gmail Account?

Ans: Firstly you must know that the account is considered inactive if it is not used or accessed for two years. As the account becomes inactive you will lose the data that you stored in Gmail, such as messages, files, pictures, and videos but still, you won’t lose the account.

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Last Words

Recovering your deleted Gmail account is possible but you must recover it before 20-28 days of deleting it. We have mentioned the simplest way to make you learn How To Recover A Permanently Deleted Gmail Account, hope this information will be helpful to you.

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