How To Record Zoom Meeting In Latest Version

How To Record Zoom Meeting In Latest Version

Zoom meetings play an important role in business meetings, lectures, etc. Different people use zoom for various purposes. While attending the zoom meetings it might be a case that in between your lectures or meetings you missed some part and now you wish that you could again watch the zoom meeting for taking some notes or might be for other purposes. Zoom allows its users to record their calls, but this feature is available in free or paid versions. In this article, we are going to discuss the way by which you will be able to learn “How To Record Zoom Meeting In The Latest Version”. So if you want to learn about this amazing and useful thing then you must check this article. 



Zoom meetings, developed by the zoom communication software system, is a video communication system. Zoom is available on various devices and it even has its official website from where you can use it from the desktop. 


You can join with 100 participants for 40 minutes in a free zoom plan and if you have more than 100 participants then zoom has the premium feature that you can buy. By buying the premium feature you can increase the participants limit up to 10,000 and the time limit to 30 hours. 



While you are at the zoom meetings there may be circumstances in which you might miss some of the parts of the meeting then you wish to get that part of the meeting by some of the other methods. Here we are going to discuss the way by which you can record zoom meetings in the latest version. So check the given information to learn it.

At Desktop App



Zoom allows its users to record the meeting for free at Desktop. You can easily record the meeting if you are the host. If you are not the host of the meeting then you have to take permission from the host. But before you record the meeting you have to be sure where you want to save your recorded meeting. 

Go to the homepage of the zoom app > From the right corner click on the small gear button > Select the “Recording” tab > choose the folder where you want your meeting to be saved. 


How To Record

  1. Click on the record button appearing at the bottom of your screen. You will find this button easily if you are the host but if you are not you have to take permission from the host of the meeting. 
  2. A small ‘Recording…’ will be labelled at the upper left corner with which you would be able to see recording controllers on the bottom toolbar.
  3. After you have successfully recorded the meeting click on the stop button to end or finish recording. 

The recording will be saved on your computer at the folder which you have selected. 


At Mobile App



Zoom has no free feature for Android or iPhone zoom users to record their meeting for free. You must have a paid zoom membership or pro, business account to save meetings.


How To Record

  1. Join a zoom meeting on your mobile phone. Once you get joined in your meeting, tap on the three dots in the right bottom of your screen. 
  2. If you have a paid account at zoom you will find “Record to cloud” option (in iPhone) or “Record” option (in Android) in the menu click on it.
  3. Your meeting will start recording with the “Recording…” icon at the top right corner.

The recording will get saved when you click on the stop button. You may find the recording at the “My Recordings” section of the zoom website. 

Recording the zoom meetings could be the best option for the people who are unable to join the meeting live. You have a free or paid feature at your device by which you can record the zoom meeting for you. We have given you the instructions and the information that will help you to record your zoom meetings. Hope you might have found this article, “How To Record Zoom Meeting In Latest Version” helpful to you.

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