How To Record Zoom Meeting As A Participant 2022

How To Record Zoom Meeting As A Participant 2022

Zoom is playing an important role in virtual meetings of business meetings, lectures, etc. People from different sections use zoom for different purposes. Attending zoom meetings can be a difficult task sometimes. You might miss some part of the meeting and now want to know what happened when you were not there. You might even wish that you could listen to the meeting again to make your notes on it. The only solution for this problem is that you can record the meeting for yourself. In this article, we are going to discuss how to record zoom meetings as a participant in 2022. So check this article to learn this useful information. 


Zoom is a video communication software which is developed by zoom video communication. The software is used by millions of people across the world. Daily meetings for a million hours are conducted on zoom. 


Zoom is available as an app for various devices and even it could be used from its official website. It had various features for different kinds of users. It also has some premium plans for the users. In the free plan, you can use a zoom meeting for 40 minutes and with the 100 participants limit at a time. Whereas paid or pro plans raise the participant’s limit to 10,000 and the time limit to 30 hours. 

Whether you are a student or an employee recording a zoom meeting is a great option for you to review and learn all the things that happened during the meeting. Recording a meeting when you are the host is not such a complex thing to do. Recording the meeting when you are a participant could be a little complex thing to do. Here we are giving you the ways by which you can record your zoom meeting. 

Recording With Host Permission

If you get permission from the host it is easy to record the zoom meeting on your PC. Here are the ways by following which you can record the zoom meeting:


  1. Join the zoom meeting and click on the ‘Recording’ button and then click on Record from the prompt menu.
  2. Control the recording by using pause and stop buttons from the menu bar. Once you are completed with the recording of your meeting click on the stop button.
  3. Once you click on the stop button, the recording of your zoom meeting gets saved on your computer which you can access anytime you need.

Recording Without Host Permission

If you didn’t get the permission of the host but still you want to save it, record the meeting there is a way for you. The things that can help you to do so are third-party applications. One of the best applications that you can use is ApowerREC. THE application is available on both Mac and Windows for free. You can record meetings by following the given ways:

  1. Before joining the meeting, set the audio and video quality from the settings of the external app.
  2. When you join the meeting, open the application and start screen recording. 
  3. Select the whole screen if the application gives you a crop option so that you would not miss anything from your meeting 
  4. After you have completed the recording, save your meeting on your computer.



Recording your meeting can help you in certain ways. We have given you the ways by which you can record your zoom meetings. Hope you might have found this article, “How To Record Zoom Meeting As A Participant 2022” helpful and informative. 

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