How To Make Upgrades In Community Center In Stardew Valley?

How To Make Upgrades In Community Center In Stardew Valley?

We show you how to make upgrades in the community and share the benefits they bring to Pelican Town.

After completing the Community Center in Stardew Valley, you will get the opportunity to invest in community upgrades. These are projects that make life a little better in Pelican Town. There are two community upgrades available; building Pam a real house and adding shortcuts around town.

We are going to take an in-depth look at both of these upgrades, including how much they cost and what they actually do. In addition to these upgrades, you’ll also be able to clear the trash from in front of Pam’s house and upgrade the dog pen nearby. Although these are upgrades, you will need to complete Trash Bear’s quest for these changes to happen.

Where To Invest In Community Upgrades

You can invest in community upgrades by talking to Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop, located in the Mountains area.

As mentioned earlier, you will need to complete the Community Center, as well as fully upgrade your farmhouse. For more information, be sure to check out our guide on how to upgrade your farmhouse.

In total, there are three upgrades that you will need, costing a total of 160,000g, 450 wood, and 150 hardwood.

Once you have completed these requirements, you can speak to Robin about community upgrades.

Building Pam A House

This is the first upgrade that you will be able to invest in. For this upgrade, you will need the following materials.

  • 500,000 g
  • 950 Wood

After handing this over to Robin, she will spend the next three days building Pam and Penny a new house. Once built, the trailer will be gone and replaced with a very cute cottage.

A cutscene will begin when you walk into town after the house has been completed, where Pam and Penny will have an emotional bonding moment. In this scene, you can either keep your good deed a secret or tell them that you paid for their house. Answering either of these options will reward you will four full friendship hearts with Pam.

The house will also appear on the town map, with an address of 2 River Road, rather than Trailer.

Shortcuts Around Town

After building Pam and Penny a house, you will be able to upgrade the town a second time by adding shortcuts. These shortcuts are meant to help you move easier around town, between the different areas. For this upgrade, you just need to invest 300,000g. In total, there are five shortcuts added; let’s take a look at each one below.



Image of Shortcut

Cindersap Forest to Beach

To the right of Leah’s cottage, located below Marnie’s Ranch, there will be a shortcut heading straight to the lefthand side of the beach.

Pelican Town to the Mountains

North of Joja Mart (or the movie theatre), there will be a small path along the river that heads straight to the bridge leading to the quarry.

Library to Beach

Just south of the library, you can find a narrow path that leads to the tidepool part of the beach.

Bus Stop to Backwoods

Heading left from the bus stop will take you to a small area with a road leading into a tunnel. In the top of this area, a staircase will now head directly to the Backwoods, which connects your farm and the Mountains.

Mountain Lake Plank

A plank will be added to the small islands in the Mountain lake, which heads straight to the Adventurer’s Guild.

That’s all there is to know about community upgrades. The shortcuts are very helpful, so be sure to save up enough money, complete the Community Center, and upgrade your farmhouse!

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