How To Make A Poll On Zoom 2022

How To Make A Poll On Zoom 2022

Virtual meetings are playing an important role in every sector. People are now connecting with other people through virtual meetings. The experience of these virtual meetings is increased by some video communication software. One of the most used and famous software is zoom. People use zoom to conduct lectures, office meetings, business meetings, and many more things. Zoom serves their users with many features. One of the zoom features is that it allows their users to create polls on zoom. In this article, we are going to serve you the information on “how to make a poll on zoom 2022”. So check this article to get this useful information that will surely help you.


Zoom is one of the most famous video communication software which is used across the world by millions of people. It is developed by and managed by zoom video communications. Zoom is served on various devices like Mac, iPhone, Android windows, etc as an application or even could be used through its official website. It became more popular at the pandemic time when the whole world was running online and till now it has become an important part of virtual meetings. For different users zoom serves different kinds of plans which can be termed as free and paid ones. 

If you are also the one who wants to learn about making poles on zoom then you are at the perfect place. Here we are going to serve a tutorial on ‘How To Make A Poll On Zoom 2022’. This guide will help you to get the required information and understand it. So if you want to learn this useful thing then you must read this guide completely. 

Polls On Zoom Meetings

Polls are one of the useful features that could be used in meetings. Getting every participant’s feedback in your zoom meeting with a voice could be a difficult task to do. You can create polls for gathering participant feedback from your Zoom meetings easily. Zoom allows you to create multiple-choice or single-answer polls from which you can even see the live results. 

If you want to learn ‘How To Make A Poll On Zoom 2022’ here is the information for you. By following the given instructions you can easily create polls and do surveys on your zoom meetings.

Creating Polls Before A Meeting

For creating the polls before your zoom meetings follow the given instructions:

  1. Launch the web browser (whichever you use) on your PC.
  2. Now visit the zoom web portal login page and sign in to your zoom account.
  3. From the meetings, tab click on your meeting link in which you have to make polls.
  4. From the survey section at the bottom click on the Add from the right side.
  5. Fill out the survey form where you can create up to 25 individual polls and add up to 10 questions per poll. 
  6. Now save your survey by clicking on the Save button. You can even edit the survey after saving too. 

The survey will be available to you and you could be able to use it at the time of your zoom meetings. 

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Zoom is used all over the world. It has become an important part of virtual meetings. Polls help many people while discussing some topics. Zoom has the feature for the people to make and use polls at zoom meetings. We have given the information by which you would be able to learn ‘How To Make A Poll On Zoom 2022’. Hope you might have found this tutorial helpful for you. If yes then you can even share it with people to learn this useful information.


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