How To Install Windows 11 without TPM On Laptop/PC

How To Install Windows 11 without TPM On Laptop/PC

How To Install Windows 11 without TPM, Secure Boot, and a supported CPU! Yes, you heard it right. You can now install Windows 11 on your old PC or laptop without meeting the requirement of TPM, Secure Boot, and a supported CPU. When the leaked developer version was available on the internet, Microsoft has raised the minimum Windows 11 system requirements with TPM (Trusted Platform Module), Secure Boot, and a supported CPU mandatory. The case is not different even after the release of the official public build.

If you tried to upgrade or install Windows 11 with the normal procedure, you might have faced ‘This PC can’t run Windows 11 error‘ like this:

This error is even faced by several people having high-end PCs. In this article, we’ll show you the Windows 11 TPM fix and how we install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot on your laptop. You can also follow this method on your computer if you don’t have the TPM version 2.0 or the TPM chip at all.

How to Clean Install Windows 11 Without TPM

  • Download the unofficial Windows 11 media creation tool from Github.
  • Extract the zip and run MediaCreationTool.bat.
  • Choose 11 as the MCT version.
  • Select Create ISO or  Create USB.
  • Click Yes in PowerShell prompt.
  • Choose media (USB or ISO) and then the file location.
  • Click Next and you will now get an installation media.
  • Now, boot from the newly created media and you’ll be able to install Windows 11 without meeting the system requirements.

Now let’s get into the process of the installation:

Since you have a computer that doesn’t meet the Windows 11 requirements especially TPM, you need to bypass the TPM detection while performing the installation. For this, we are going to make use of a custom-made media creation tool that can easily accomplish the said thing.

1. First, head to this link and download the zip file of the universal media creation tool.

2. Extract the zip file and run the MediaCreationTool batch file. If windows flag it as dangerous, fret not. Just click Run anyway to proceed.

3. Now, once the program opens choose 11 (at the bottom) as the MCT version.

4. Then, choose either Create ISO or Create USB. If you want to create Windows 11 bootable USB to install on another PC select Create USB. If you want to install it on a virtual machine choose Create ISO.

5. If prompted, click Yes to allow Windows PowerShell to launch the media creation utility. It will open up and you will see it titled “Windows 10 Setup”. Just ignore that! You’ll be creating a Windows 11 media.

6. In the media creation tool window, choose which media you want to use. Select USB flash drive or ISO file.

7. Now, select the drive letter for the USB flash drive, or file location for the ISO file. Click Next.

8. The tool will now start downloading Windows 11 from the servers and create an installation media for you. And again, don’t be confused with what it says. You may see “Downloading Windows 10”, but don’t worry. You’ll end up with Windows 11.

9. Once the installation media is created successfully, Just boot from it as usual. You should be able to install Windows 11 without having a TPM on your system.

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