How To Do Breakout Rooms In Zoom In 2022

How To Do Breakout Rooms In Zoom In 2022

Zoom has been used by many peoples for various purposes and as it has millions of users across the world zoom is providing many features for them. There are so many features from all of which there is one feature known as the Breakout feature. It is an amazing feature that could be used for various purposes. In this article, we are going to discuss how to do breakout rooms in zoom in 2022. 


Before discussing zoom’s features let’s first get introduced to zoom itself. Zoom meetings is a communication software developed by zoom video communication. The availability of different devices has different features for the betterment of the meetings and public safety. 


Zoom gives you 40 minutes and 100 participants meetings for free and if you need more there is a premium for you. By buying the premium version you can extend the time limit to 30 hours and for 10,000 participants. 


Zoom provided certain features that help you to interact with each other and improvise your virtual meetings experience. One of the zoom features is the Breakout meetings option. In this article, we are going to give information about the feature. 

Breakout Meetings



Before you learn how to use Breakout meetings you must know what Breakout meetings are actually. They are the same as in real life, like in an actual meeting where all the participants discuss things together but at a time there is a situation where small groups of people sit together to discuss some topics. This is how the zoom Breakout meeting works actually. 


Zoom allows people to have a Breakout meeting where groups of people discuss some topics separately from the main meeting. It gives you personal space from the main meeting where the video and audio are not shared with anyone at the main meeting. Now here is the main thing: How To Do Breakout Rooms In Zoom In 2022. 


How To Make Breakout Room



You can make the Breakout Room easily if you are a host and use the zoom on your desktop, whereas other attendees can join the Breakout Room meeting from any other device. Here is how you can make a Breakout Room in the meeting:


  1. While you are in the zoom meeting click on Breakout Rooms.
  2. Select the number of Breakout Rooms you want to create and then assign participants to rooms.
  3. Click on create Breakout Room. This will not start the Breakout room but you can adjust settings at this time.
  4. From settings set the adjustment you want to do in your room and manage participants.
  5. After you have completed all the settings start the room by clicking on open all rooms.



Zoom app has many features for its users. These features help users to manage their virtual meetings and get a good experience. Breakout Room is an option that is very useful for the users for various purposes. It even helps everyone to give their views on particular topics, even the introverts could give their words without hesitation and freely. We have given you the information on Breakout Room and also have explained How To Do Breakout Rooms In Zoom In 2022. Hope you might have found this article useful and informative.

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