How To Delete Pottermore Account

How To Delete Pottermore Account

We make accounts for several things. To use several website applications you have to make your account in it. Similarly to use the Pottermore website you have to create your account there. But with time it happens when you have to delete your account. Maybe because you are not using it or maybe you need a new account the situation comes to a point that you have to delete your Pottermore Account. But how? How can you delete your Pottermore Account? If you are struggling with these kinds of questions, here we are for you. If you are not sure about deleting the Pottermore Account then you must check this amazing and informative post. In this post, we are going to discuss How To Delete Pottermore Account. So check the post and learn the method now!

How To Delete Pottermore Account?

Deleting a Pottermore Account is a straightforward task to do. In just a few minutes by following the below-mentioned steps you can easily delete your Pottermore Account. Follow the steps and learn the method:

1. On your web browser go to the Pottermore website (or Wizarding world’s website).

2. Log in to your account (if you haven’t already), this will directly take you to your profile. If not, click on the profile icon from the right corner.

3. From the profile page click on the “My Details” option.

4. Now scroll down to find the “How To Close Your Pottermore” option and click on it.

5. Now enter your password and click on the option which says ‘Yes, Close My Account.

You have successfully deleted your Pottermore Account. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Que: What Happens When I Delete My Pottermore Account?

Ans: Deleting your Pottermore Account results, you would not be able to access the account anymore and lose all your saved data.

NOTE: Pottermore saves some of your personal information with them even if your account is deleted. This means this will not completely remove “you” from the site.

Que: Is Pottermore Still Available?

Ans: The website Pottermore is not available now! Pottermore was closed in October 2019 and the whole content of it migrated to So Pottermore is replaced by 

Que: I Don’t Like My Pottermore House. How Do I Change It?

Ans: If you wish to change your Pottermore house there is no other option for you other than deleting your account and creating a new one. So if you do not like your Pottermore house then you must delete your account and make a new one.

Que: Can You Change Houses, Schools, Or Your Wand In Pottermore?

Ans: Just like the wizarding world you are not the one who chooses your wand and house, they choose you. So if you do not like it, wish to change your house, school, or your wand then have to create a new account.

Que: What Do I Do If I Cannot Delete My Account?

Ans: Back ago there was a time when it was a little complex to delete your account but now if you follow the above-mentioned steps correctly you can easily delete your Pottermore Account.

Que: How To Create A Pottermore Account?

Ans: Just go to the website and sign in with your email! You have created the account.

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Last Words

Pottermore is an amazing website for Harry Potter fans. We have gathered and mentioned some of the useful information related to it, hope you might have found it informative. Also, we have discussed How To Delete Pottermore Account step by step, hope this will help you. 


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