How To Delete POF Account On Android Phone 2022

We make accounts for several things. To use several website applications you have to make your account in it. Similarly to use POF you have to create your account there. But with time it may happen when you wish to delete your account. Maybe because you are not using it or maybe you need a new account the situation comes to a point that you have to delete your POF Account on your Android phone. But how? How can you delete your POF Account by using your Android phone? If you are struggling with these kinds of questions, here we are for you. If you are not sure about deleting the POF Account then you must check this amazing and informative post. In this post, we are going to discuss How To Delete POF Account On Android Phone, So check the post and learn the method now!

How To Delete POF Account On Android Phone?

You can learn How To Delete POF Account On Android Phone easily by a straightforward method. Follow the given method to permanently delete all data from the POF web server and learn the process. 

1. Go to any Web browser app on your Android mobile and visit the POF website.

5. Now click on the Settings option.

6. Open the tab named Delete Account and tap on Delete Account.

7. You can even give the reason to Delete your account which is optional.

8. Now click on the “Delete My Plenty Of Fish Account” option. 

You have successfully deleted your FOP account and can check by logging in if the deletion was successful or not.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Que: What Is POF?

Ans: Plenty of Fish is a Canadian online dating service, popular primarily in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil, and the United States. It is available in nine languages. 

Que: How To Hide POF Profile?

Ans: If you want to stop using the dating service temporarily, then you must not delete your account permanently. Simply hide your POF Account and stop your profile from becoming visible to others. You can hide your profile by following the given steps:

1. Go to any Web browser app on your Android mobile and visit the POF website.

2. Use your credentials to sign in to your account. 

3. From the top right of the page tap on the user icon. 

4. From the drop-down menu tap on My profile. 

5. From the right sidebar tap on the tab ‘Profile Visibility. 

6. At last press the button labeled ‘Hide Profile’.

Que: What Does POF Do With Inactive Account?

Ans: POF does not do anything with an inactive account. If your account is inactive for some time then POF is not going to delete it. Inactive accounts just rank less in the search results.

Que: Can I Delete My POF Account By Using App (Android or iPhone)?

Ans: POF does not have many options available on its application to delete your account, you have to use the web browser on your mobile to delete the account.

Que: Can I Delete the POF account Within 24 Hours Of Creation?

Ans: The POF account cannot be deleted within 24 hours of creation. You have to wait for 24 hours or more after you have created your account.

Last Words

You can easily delete your POF Account by using the web browser on your device. We have mentioned the information that will help you to understand How To Delete POF Account On Android Phone, hope this information will help you.



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