How To Delete An ML Account In Moonton?

How To Delete An ML Account In Moonton?

There are several online games available for users and Mobile Legends is debatably one of the most popular online games among all of them. It has almost 100 million active users monthly and users enjoy this game very much. Besides the users or gamers who loved the game, several fans are now unhappy with the game for several reasons like they are unhappy with the developer as they have sold the studio with Bytedance. People may have several reasons why they are not happy with the game but now if you want to remove this account for any reason then you are at the perfect place. In this article, we are going to discuss How To Delete an ML Account In Moonton.

How To Delete an ML Account In Moonton?

To delete your Mobile Legend Account there is a straightforward method that could be learned easily. So if you are not sure How To Delete an ML Account In Moonton then here are some simple steps that you can follow:

1. Open/Launch the Mobile Legends on your device.

2. When you are at the main menu you will find your profile in the left corner of the screen, tap on it.

3. From the bottom left corner click on the “Account” option to see all of your linked accounts.

4. Now click on the account which you have to link with Mobile Legends (Facebook, Google, and VK)

5. Now log in to the account and enter your account ID, then tap on the Okay button.

6. You will be asked why you want to disconnect your account, if you want to explain then give a reason, otherwise just select one tab and tap on the Okay button.

You have successfully Deleted an ML Account In Moonton.

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Last Words

We have mentioned to you the information that will help you to learn How To Delete an ML Account In Moonton. You can easily delete your Mobile Legend Account by following the given simplest method. Hope this might be helpful to you.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions):

What Mobile Legends Is?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (referred to as ML or MLBB) is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game. The game was developed and published by Moonton and has a subsidiary of Bytedance. It is popular worldwide and has crossed over a billion downloads.

How Do I Remove My Google Play Account From ML?

Removing your Google Play account from ML is an easy task. Follow the given steps to remove your Google Play account from ML:

1. Open the Google Play Store.

2. Go to settings.

3. Now tap on Accounts.

4. From the given list of accounts tap on Google.

5. Click on “Remove Account” from the bottom of the page.

How To Change Account On Mobile Legends?

To change your account on mobile legends follow the given steps:

1. Open Mobile Legends and then log out from the account you have already logged in.

2. Now log in with your different or new account and then play with it.

How To Delete A Moonton Account?

You can delete your Moonton Account by the given steps:

1. Go to the application and select Settings from the menu.

2. Tap on Account Settings.

3. Now tap on the Delete account option.

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