How To Change Phone Number On Yahoo Mail

How To Change Phone Number On Yahoo Mail

People have different search engines to use, one of the web service providers is Yahoo. Yahoo has different features including the Yahoo Mail service. When you make your account in Yahoo mail they ask you to give you a mobile number which helps you to verify your ownership. But there are no chances that you will have only one number always. There may be chances that you lost your number or might change it. In such cases, you must change your mobile number so that you can recover the Yahoo Mail password (if you forget it by any chance). Yahoo Mail has an easy process to change your phone number by using account settings. If you are not sure about the process and wish to learn it then you are at the perfect post. In this article, we are going to share with you the information on How To Change Phone Number On Yahoo Mail. So if you were looking for such information and wish to change your number at Yahoo mail then you must check this article.



Yahoo is an online search engine or an American web service provider. The service is operated via the company Yahoo Inc. The company was founded in January 1994. The services of Yahoo include My Yahoo!, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports and advertising platform, Yahoo! Native. These services are available all over the world. In the article, we are going to discuss one of the services that Yahoo serves, which is Yahoo mail.


Yahoo launched Yahoo Mail in October 1997 and since then it has gained over 225 million users. At the time when you create an account at Yahoo mail, it asks you for the registration process which involves the binding of your phone number for the verification of ownership. In case if you have lost your phone number or for any other reason you want to change your number at Yahoo Mail then you can learn the process by the steps mentioned.

How To Change Phone Number On Yahoo Mail

1. Go to your web browser and search and sign in with your account.

2. From the given mailbox click on your profile picture.

3. Click on “Account Info” option and then on “Account Security” button.

4. This may give you sign in option again if it gives to the then sign in by using credentials. 

5. Find and click on “Recovery Phone Number”.

6. Now click on edit button and then click on the pencil icon given next to the number.

7. Now remove old phone number and type the new one and then click on “Confirm” button. 

Finally you have changed your phone number from your Yahoo Mail. 

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We have given you the information that will help you to understand How To Change Phone Number On Yahoo Mail. Hope you might have found this instructions easy and useful to you and would be able to change your number. 


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