How To Change Background On Zoom 2022

How To Change Background On Zoom 2022

Zoom has become an important communication program that is used for various purposes in day-to-day life. It can be said that it is a useful application for people of every age. Childers uses it for their school work like classes or maybe for other classes too and older people use it for their business meetings and even they use it for their classes too. If you are also a zoom user then you are at the perfect place. In this article, we are going to serve you the information of an amazing thing that will help you in making your zoom meetings more amazing and worthy. In this article, we are going to give you information on How To Change the Background On Zoom 2022. 


Zoom is an online platform that helps people to communicate, share ideas and work together. Zoom meetings which are popularly known by its shortened name Zoom is a video communication software system developed by zoom video communication. It permits users to get connected with 100 users for 40 minutes in a free plan. If you want to engage with more people for more time, zoom has a premium which you can purchase and can increase the limit up to 10,000 users at a time for a 30 hours time limit. 

There are millions of zoom users across the world. For their user zoom provides many features. One of the amazing features of zoom is that users can change their background while having a zoom meeting. Many times it happens with a lot of users that while attaining their zoom meeting something happens in their background by which they have to feel the embarrassment. This amazing feature is very useful because it helps you to have embarrassing free meetings. 

How To Change Background On Zoom 

As mentioned, zoom has the feature to change your background. You can have different reasons to change the background in zoom meetings. As zoom is new for many people and people are not so used to it people are unable to change their background. Here we have given you the way by following which you can change the background at your zoom meetings. So read this article to learn this simple process. 

At Desktop

Zoom provides its application on several devices. It is available in windows and even in mac too. We are giving you the method that you can follow so that you can change the background in your zoom at windows or even mac. So follow the given method:

  1. Download the zoom app in your windows or mac. Sign in to your zoom account.
  2. Click on your profile picture which you will see in the upper corner. 
  3. Now click on the Settings option. 
  4. From the left menu bar click on the virtual background tab. 
  5. If you have done your setup on the green screen then you can select that option. 
  6. You can select your background image from the default library from the zoom app or you can even add it from your computer. 

At Phone

Zoom app can be used on phones too and even at the mobile zoom gives you the option to select the virtual background for your meetings. Here is how you can select the virtual background on your mobile:

  1. Install the zoom application on your mobile phone and sign in with your zoom account. 
  2. Join your meeting and click on the three dots at the bottom.
  3. Now click on the virtual background and select one for you.

Zoom is used for various purposes. Zoom provides many features, for its users. One of the features which zoom provide is a virtual background. You can use a virtual background at every device where you can zoom. We have given you the easiest method to select the virtual background for you. Hope you might have found this article, “How To Change Background On Zoom 2022” helpful to you and could be able to use the virtual background feature. 

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